Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Snowy Ohio February 2011.

 February 1st and we have snow on top of old snow, with the promise of more snow and sleet/ice.  The snow removal has become my job since my husband became ill and since I don't know how to use the snow blower I am reduced to using the shovel. A cousin is coming this afternoon to do the drive, but I am like a hen on a hot rock and I go out there and kill myself. A kindly next door neighbor came by and used his 4-wheel drive Army Jeep with the snow blade to remove snow from the end of the driveway. God Bless him! I will surely have to make some cookies or other goodies to thank him. The mail lady made it out this way. She brought some Get Well cards and that cheers up my husband. Other than that we are waiting for this next round of bad weather and hoping the power does not go off.

View from the end of my driveway. More snow to remove where the turn around is up by the garage.

 Now changing the subject.....the Mug Giveaway is underway and I hope all of you leave your comment on yesterday's post. You need to do that in order to have a chance to win one of the mugs. One follower asked if I will mail the mug overseas, and the answer is yes. As long as you send me your complete address I will mail it to you. Good luck!


  1. you have a long/wide driveway..don't shovel that by hand....Bless the neighbor who helped..as it should be. We in NE Ohio yesterday has rain/sleet/icy nastyness..today it is snowing and blowing..no school for 2 days..my boys are happy..I'm not going out of this house....stay warm

  2. How is your husband going now? I hope that is much better.

    It certainly has been a season of extreme weather.


  3. All we got out of this monster storm was ICE...and more ICE...no snow. I would rather it had snowed. All the snow we have on the ground has a deep layer of ice on top of it now. It hurts to fall on (I know, I tried it).

  4. Hello again Susanne. I am reading thru your blog posts and saw this pic of your home. My home is nearly it's twin. Our home is brick only on the front. The garage is on the end, LR window, front door and two windows on the front. We also have shrubs along the front and we did have a maple tree out front but it came down in February after an ice storm. Well, it didn't come down, we had it taken down. We lost a large limb but it came down in the driveway and missed our car so we were thankful. I am enjoying your blog and getting to know you. How is your husband doing?


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