Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Come on Spring!

I spent another day running and maybe the next days can be quiet ones (I hope) at home? The dogs went to the groomers. I did get a pic of my little ham Chewy. They both came home so full of themselves, strutting around like they owned the place. Tails were wagging so I am sure they were happy to be home. While they were gone I grabbed the snow shovel and once again proceeded to do some snow removal. I am paying for it this evening with an aching back, sore left shoulder and plain old tired. I pampered myself with a nice warm bath and it worked wonders.

Did someone say ham??
My red bud tree in the Spring.
 I am so wanting this Winter weather to be done and over with. Sometimes we don't realize when we do that we are wishing our life away :(    While looking at my photo albums I ran across a couple of pics from last Spring. Years ago my mother-in-law found a tiny red bud tree growing behind her trash can. She asked me if I wanted it and of course I did. I brought it home and planted it in the front yard. It was so tiny, and look at how it has grown.

Baby robins.
We had robins everywhere. I recall counting about 5 nests and one was on the trellis my husband made for a pitiful rosebush I was trying to save. There were 4 babies and one busy mother. She was feeding them all day long. There was another nest in a lilac bush, one in the trumpet vine, a nest that we kept removing from on top of a porch light and one on the porch rail. It is so nice to be able to open windows and doors and hear the birds sing in the has been a long Winter..........(sigh)


  1. Sping is around the corner. It means mother nature is awaken. Enjoy it !

  2. Chewy is so totally adorable! I always stop dead in my tracks when I see photos of people's pets. Post more of your cute little furballs :-)

    That tree is beautiful and the robins are precious. I'd be looking forward to Spring too if that's what awaits in my yard... xxJosie


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