Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Afghan

Baby, it might be cold outside, brrrrrrrrrr, but inside it is warm and toasty and I have my crochet! I did finish hooking on the baby afghan that I have been working on for several weeks. I love the pattern, it was a no-brainer, so to speak, because the pattern was a simple shell. Anyone interested in this pattern can find it in the small leaflet-type book called KNITTING & CROCHET from Simplicity (#0488). There is also a sweater and bonnet pattern to match. I do believe in an earlier posting I said there were booties, but I was wrong, sorry. I am sure if you are quite crafty you could make booties to match. I did make a change to the edge of the blanket because I didn't like the one written in the book. I did 3 rows of edging, the first row is just like the pattern as it is sc all around the blanket. My second row I did a sc, ch2, sc type of open work skipping 1sc on the previous row to allow for a narrow ribbon to be woven on all sides. The third row I did a simple shell of sc1, dc1, sc1 in each ch2 space of the previous row.

Done crocheting on the baby afghan.

Made my own edge instead of the one written in the pattern book.

The corners turned out perfect!

 I have yet to decide if I want to weave a narrow ribbon through that edging. What do you think?? Maybe a pretty yellow or minty green?? I think I will do the sweater and bonnet in the near future. I am wanting to do something else. Now that shouldn't surprise anyone, now should it, because whatever you are doing always seems more interesting to me than what I am doing, LOL........many happy days doing whatever your little heart happy!


  1. Very pretty Susanne, I think a ribbon would be nice. A soft yellow to match the yarn or, how about polka dot??


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