Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Procrastination Stops Today

No more excuses and time to make good on those promises I made myself last month. It is time to stop procrastinating and get busy organizing this shameful mess I call a sewing room. Let's face it, there has not been a whole lot of sewing going on in here since last year. True, true, I have been hooking a lot but my yarn stash seems to have grown despite my efforts to tame it down a bit with handmade items this past Christmas. How does that happen one might ask herself...well, goofy, ya went into the store and like a magnet you made a beeline straight to the yarn isle and started drooling like a crazed idiot (it's a wonder they didn't put you in a straight jacket) and before you knew it you were standing in the checkout isle with several skeins of yarn and hoping your husband was not witnessing your latest escapade. It was a wonder they didn't have to restock the shelves when you got done, and it is another small wonder that the shopping cart managed to hold all the yarn. Surely you can't be the only one who has hidden a bag of yarn in the trunk of the car and waited till the coast was clear to sneak it into the house....and then of course it just seems to blend in with the rest of the stash because men don't know how much yarn you had to begin with because when they have the remote to the tv in their hands because they are in their own world. It wouldn't matter that you have built a yarn fort around the chair where you reside in the living long as the top of your head is visible and you are silently present all is right with the world....bathroom breaks as well as food breaks are allowed on occasion of course.......and so my life....mixed and mingled with "oh darn, I lost count, now I have to start counting these chains all over again, I really don't care who won that basketball game", "oh no, I made a mistake 10 rows back and now I need to rip out the last 2 hours or my crocheting"......"I dropped a stitch and need to start this all over".....and so my life.....I ♥ it........and now back to the meat and potatoes of this posting.....I need to organize this yarn misses me........


  1. Why is that craft rooms get out of control so easily?!!!! Seems like I spend more time cleaning and organizing than I do crafting...

  2. You can do this, Suzanne, albeit the yarn distraction is a good enough excuse to procrastinate in my book :-)

    P.S. Yippee, your package arrived at the POB, I just need to get my you-know-what there to pick it up!!! Will try to do that today :-)

  3. Your better than me! I just can't seem to make it up the stairs. My cat is probably sleeping in my stash LOL. Actually haven't had time. I hate sewing at night. I have been getting a lot of embroidery done though. Hope all is well with you and Rog..Hugs, Jeanie

  4. You are more organized than me! At least you have a room. My stash is all over the house.


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