Monday, February 16, 2015

My Little Valentine

Today, the 16th of February is another cold day. It is 0 degrees here in NW Ohio, minus 1 degree in Toledo. The furnace has been running pretty much non-stop, about every 3 minutes. Yes, it is cold, yes, I am sick of winter, yes I am grateful not to be living in Boston or any of the other surrounding states close to there. Last year we had our own Boston right here where I live. We had well over 50 inches of snow ourselves. There was so much snow folks that I no longer knew where to put it. Yeah, I was shoveling it all by hand because the snow blower was out of gas and it had been 2 years before that when my husband had showed me how to operate it. I found it intimidating to say the least. I was too stubborn to ask for help and so I paid dearly for it by killing my poor back. My own fault really. For every action there is a reaction, and vice versa.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. No I don't, I hope that box of chocolates your sweetheart gave you adds about 5 pounds to your butt, lol, but seriously, I hope you all know I am joking, lol. What does one do when they no longer have a man in their life to shower them with lots of love and attention, why you go find yourself another darling to pour all your love on and so here he is, my little guy...

He gave me a chocolate peanut butter candy, not really, his mom did. It was suppose to be from him but I have a sneaking suspicion that had he gotten hold of it that he would have eaten it and I'd have never seen it. But I bought him a Sponge Bob heart that claims to have gummy crabby patties in it. We will find out tomorrow when I go to babysit him. I also found these cute little items for his "ish" (how he pronounces the word fish). I'm not so sure they will fit in the little tank with his Betta Fish, but they will look good in the tank he bugs his parents to buy when he gets older. I know that because most of us have had an aquarium some time in our life, you know, the one that ended up out in the garage when we discovered you had to take care of it just like the dog and cat you begged for.

I also want to show you the most terrific, tasty, deliciously crunchy, healthy snacks I have run across at Kroger and Meijer stores. 

Believe me, I bought the first bag on a whim, something new to try, one bag, no big deal. Next thing I am buying some for my oldest daughter and she is liking them. She ends up with people at work showing some to her and she lets them know that she has been snacking on them for a few weeks. According to her they were acting so crazy about them, like they were the best thing to be invented since bread, lol.

I loved the Wasabi Ranch and then discovered the Black Pepper ones. Now they are my favorite. Then tried the Lentil Snaps Tomato Basil and now another favorite. Honestly, I could eat the whole contents of the bag. There are about 3.5 servings to a bag and 120 calories per serving. Price around here ranges around $1.50 a bag. If you can find them at your grocery store try them. I know you will not be disappointed. They are manufactured in California and there is a website HARVESTSNAPS.COM.......

I have not done much of anything these past 3 days. No knitting, no hooking, no sewing to speak of. I have felt guilty every evening when I sit down to watch tv. I got caught up in the Breaking Bad series quite by accident one night a couple weeks ago. As usual there are 500 channels on DISH, but nothing worth watching. While surfing through the channels I ran across the program and next thing I knew I was setting the DVR to record any new episodes. Unfortunately I started in about the last 10 or so episodes so I have to now go back (Netflix) and start at the beginning. It is a edge of your seat show, but definitely not a program you would want your younger children to watch. There is a lot of violence. I'm not prone to shows of that nature but when you flip through the channels and most are infomercials and shows you have already seen several times you are only left with 2 options, watch it or turn off the television. Sadly the main reason I have the tv on is so the house does not seem so empty. I even surprised myself with not having any project to work on because I honestly consider watching tv as a waste of precious time unless you can accomplish something as well.
Hope you all have a great week.Thank you for coming to visit me.


  1. I'm sure this little man gives you plenty of love to keep you strong and of course your hubby will be keeping an eye on you from a far. Spring will finally be here soon and Winter will be over for another year. Take Care.

  2. I'm glad you have that little man to brighten your days he's so cute! I like the look of those snacks especially the lentil ones we have nothing like them here. I only watch a couple of things on TV it's mostly rubbish anyway I prefer to listen to some music while I crochet. Have a great week. :) xx

  3. Breaking Bad was a fabulous show! We loved it. Glad you are enjoying it. Did you ever get into Downtown Abbey? If not, give that a try. That's another one we came to the party late on and binged watched because it was so good. Thanks for the tips on those snacks. Surely they must be better for you than sugar? Who knows nowadays. Your grandson is SO CUTE!

    1. Yes, have been enjoying Downton Abbey for some time now. I have the first 3 seasons, youngest daughter bought me Season 4 at Christmas and Season 5 (which is viewing now) is on my wish list for this coming December. Now into 'Better Call Saul" so have the DVR player all programed to record that one. One thing nice about doing needle work and watching the shows is no one can accuse you of loafing, being lazy and watching tv all day and night long. We yarn people always have something to show for our down time in the easy chair.
      Susanne :)

  4. I'm glad you have your kids and the little guy to pour your love into.. they will appreciate it! We are having some amazing weather which is warm and sunny... we even just opened the window for some fresh air! I hope you get your crochet mojo back in action. I'm just knitting a wash cloth for now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. With your loved ones around simply a Valentine's Day. Sweet little boy makes home thriving. Enjoy every moment and look forward with old days memory. My dear hope spring around soon in your area. Keep warm Susanne.
    Love and sunshine from Hong Kong. Terriea

  6. Your cute Holden makes the best Valentine. My whole family loved Breaking Bad, especially my son. I am watching Parenthood from the beginning on Netflix, I never watched it while it was on TV, I just love it. My son in Columbus says it is sooooooo cold!
    Hugs and stay warm,

  7. I ate all 4 of the bags you got me in less than 3 days! UGH


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