Monday, February 2, 2015

Log Cabin Courthouse Steps Afghan/Blanket, Snow!

Hello friends. How are all of you doing on this Monday, the second day of February? I am doing fine and just want to thank all of you dear folks for leaving such nice comments on my last postings. It is good to be made to feel good about oneself. It is good to have followers and count you all as my friends. I am sharing another afghan/blanket I made the month of December. It is a large granny square as all of you can see, but designed like the log cabin block called Court House Steps. It started out as another stash buster but I ended up buying more yarn to be able to finish it. Needless to say I once again increased the size of my stash. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever use up all of my worsted weight yarn.
My brother Ralph has a birthday this Friday so I think I will be giving this one to him. 
My baby brother Steve has a birthday tomorrow. It has been over 10 years since I have heard anything from him.  When does life get so busy that a person doesn't even have time for a simple "Hi, how ya doing?"
Sounds a bit mean I know, but I'm thinking of sending him an envelope with a self-addressed envelope (to me) with a page of questions asking him how he is doing. I should make it multiple choice since he is so busy and all he would have to do is circle A,B,C, or D (none of the above). I'm still debating about that one. 

This snow started late Saturday night. It continued all day Sunday and I did manage to go out with the snow blower and clear the drive. You can see the snow piled on both sides of the driveway from the other day.

For all of you wishing for snow I have plenty right here, over an acre of it. 

It is beautiful when it is fresh and new. The air is crisp and clean.

There is way over a foot on the decks. The pic above is the way I go out to fill the bird feeders. I did that too. They depend on me. We have always provided them with suet, sunflowers and a mixed batch of cracked corn and wild seed. They love it. They wait for me to fill the feeders. Did you know they eat snow? I have seen them do it. Oh how smart these little creatures. Winter is hard on them, but God provides for them. I help.

It took me 2 hours to clean the driveway, sidewalk, steps and porch. By then I was ready to come in and get some nice hot coffee. I forgot I had some instant hot chocolate too. I could fix that later.

The compost bin is covered with snow. The old one still needs dismantled, but that is a job for a warm day. I should have knocked the snow off of the deck rail. You can see the birds on the snow below the sunflower seed feeder, but the other feeders are hidden to the left of that, behind the snow laying on the deck rail.

Yes, it was still snowing when I snapped this pic from the back porch. I'm always glad to come into a nice warm house when the jobs are finished. Glad to come in and relax a bit with my yarn.
Hope all of you are staying warm.
Have a Blessed week ♥


  1. Beautiful log cabin-style blanket. Your brother will love it. That snow!!!! Glad you are helping the birds. Food looks rather scarce out there right now! It's so beautiful. I know it causes you lots of work, but it is beautiful all fresh and new.

  2. Egads.. what a lot of snow! We've been having sunshine and warm weather. Some days I don't even need a coat when I got outside! I hope you have some company visiting you during this! Enjoy your crochet. I sure am. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. the afghan turned out so pretty, what a lovely gift from the heart.

  4. Yes it is still snowing here in the UK but only very piecemeal nothing like the amount you have outside your back door. Totally agree about staying in the warm with yarn. Unfortunately have to go to work. If only I didn't have to go to the office think of how much crafting and reading I would be able to fit in.

  5. Beautiful afghan and snowy views around. It's pretty though life sometimes not that easy. Sorry for baby brother's not so "bond". Wish he's well and knows who cares about him. Stay warm my dear.

  6. The snow is beautiful, a lot of work but still beautiful. I love that blanket. I tried to knit one like that but it had an obvious right side and wrong side and I hated it. Crochet is the way to go with it. I have one sister who has not spoken to me in years, but she can't stand me so there is a reason.
    Hugs to you,


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