Monday, February 23, 2015

A Valentine For You ♥

As February is drawing to an end I just wanted to let my faithful followers and friends know how much I love and appreciate all of you. I don't get tons of comments on my blog but that is okay because I know there are those of you who are faithful to leave a few words no matter what the situation I write about. I do not profess to be the most interesting blog on the block. I know some bloggers can post a photo of a flower in an old cracked vase and get dozens of comments. I am one of those people who read your blog. If you follow me I try my darnest to follow you back. I'm just like that. In the start I did not think anyone would find me interesting at all. I was wrong, there are those who seemed to like what I wrote and came back for more.  Today, this month that is known for valentines and love comes close to an end, I post this heart and share with you one of the last valentines my husband gave to me.

I normally don't share things of a very personal nature with all of you, and if I do it is usually in an email, but if nothing else I wanted to give all of you a good laugh or smile sharing with you how sweet and silly my guy could be when he wanted to show his more goofy side. It is amazing, isn't it the things we love about the people we commit ourselves to in marriage. There are both good and bad situations that test the strength of that bond. We either get through it or the marriage crumbles. For us marriage was for the long haul. Our promise to each other was in front of God and a Justice of the Peace with 2 people who worked in his office as our witnesses. These people were all strangers to us and we never saw them again. There had to be 50 other couples that day, lined up also waiting for the same judge to marry them. We often wondered how many of those couples were still married after all these 40 some years. For us there was no big wedding with all the frills, no wedding dress, no reception, no cake or gifts. We eloped although it was never a big secret. Everyone that knew us knew we went to Monroe Michigan to get married. I was too young to marry in Ohio. You had to be 21 years old. I was just 19. My guy was 24.

I ran across this the other day while looking for the paid real estate receipt from 2014 for my tax accountant. The card was tucked away in a tote with a stack of papers needing sorted and filed away. Needless to say I was also in the doldrums of feeling sorry for myself because all around me, no matter where I turned, it was Valentine's Day and personally it was wearing me thin and on my last nerve. I do not like feeling sorry for myself, woe is me, no one loves me. Then of course you have to give yourself a good talking to and remind youself that you are NOT THE ONLY ONE on this earth who feels this way, and knock it off.
It looks just about like any other valentine card doesn't it, well it does folks, until I opened it and these are what fell out..........then I remembered receiving this card from my man a few years back......

Okay!!!!! I also remembered my reaction WHERE ON EARTH DID HE GET THESE and why had I never seen them before????? Yeah, they were my legs. I knew when they were taken, way back in 1983 at the New Years party we had at our house in the basement. We had about 5 couples come. My mother-in-law had taken our girls for the weekend. We didn't have any noise makers when the clock struck midnight, but my husband had a small chain saw that he revved up outside the door and of course what a laugh that was. My 18 year old nephew showed up at the door. He came to our party cause he said the one he went to with his friends was boring and our party was much livelier. One of the guys had even taken black soot from the wood burner and smeared it on his face to do the Gene Gene the Dancing Machine from Chuck Berry's The Gong Show. We had a Mr. Microphone and if that wasn't the funniest evening. I weighed about 127 pounds and that dress was a slinky number with gathered sleeve that I later thought resembled something an undertaker would hang from the funeral home windows. But I looked pretty good in that dress (yes, I still have it in the closet), and evidently my husband thought my legs looked good too. Who snapped that picture? and evidently my husband picked the pics up when they were developed and went through them before I saw the bunch. As I remember my first question was where did these come from and what else have you taken pictures of that I don't know about? It really didn't matter, we got a good laugh out of this. I did some head shaking and eye rolling and of course wondering if he was trying to tell me I was a lot heftier now. 

There were a lot of laughs over the years. I miss that. I guess what I am trying to get at here is that when I was feeling blue a good and funny memory came back to me to make me smile and remember that life does not always have to be serious. I don't think I ran across that card by accident. I think it was meant for me to find it the other day and to cheer me up. Like so many things that make our days brighter I have to think of all of you. When you landed in my blog I think it was meant to be that we found each other and that is why I count all of you a blessing. Thank you for being there for me.


  1. What a sweet post!! I'm so glad you found that card, and I don't think it was an accident either. I know I've said it several times, but I'm so sorry that you have to endure the pain and loneliness you must feel. I can't say I "know how you feel," because I don't. I can only imagine. I believe Roger is still around you and always will be. I hope the pain for you gets less and less, and the happy memories just keep on coming. XOXO

  2. Dear Susanne.. I also feel you were meant to find that card and that you were guided there.. and I'm glad it brought back such fond memories of your husband. I hope that each day gets easier and the good memories keep on coming. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your post blessed me today! Thanks new friend. God bless

  4. What a great memory! Thanks for sharing.

    I don't comment much on any blogs, but I do read a lot and I really enjoy reading yours.


  5. Oh dear girl...I have been the worlds worst blogger. So much going on in my life. Been sick, and kind of out of the habit of blogging daily, but also learning new things, like knitting, has kept me from spending the usual time at the computer. But tonight, I am doing some catch up, and I am so glad I came here tonight! Your post really touched my heart. That card is precious. Your memories....also so very special. I am sorry for the sadness I know you feel. But also, I know that you were blessed with a good solid marriage, and man who loved you very much.
    I am thinking of you!

  6. I think wherever your guy is now he certainly hasn't lost his sense of humour and he put that card there deliberately for you to find just to remind you how loved you really are with a little humour to boot.

  7. How wonderful Susanne and so good of you to share these memories with us. Some people are afraid of the memories of loved ones passed on and they hide them away. However ,I firmly believe one should enjoy and share them as they are the tribute to the love you shared and of course still do.
    Keep well
    Amanda xx


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