Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not So New Projects, Just Repetition

 "He gives snow like wool; He scatters the frost like ashes."
Psalm 147:16

One thing about quoting the Bible is that no one is going to sue you for it. There is no copyright.

Hello my followers and my friends. It is another cold day here in NW Ohio. Gee, I sound like a broken record, don't I? I'm trying my darnedest to "Keep on The Sunny Side of Life" and so I will share with you how beautiful my Christmas cactus is on this frigid February morning. I kinda found it odd that there would be blooms long after November and December, but it actually started setting buds some time before Valentine's Day and while some of you were enjoying flowers from your loved one, I was admiring something totally unexpected. I like to think of this as a way for God to tell me that my sweetheart in heaven did not want me to feel left out. Oh, and by the way, that mosaic pot was decorated by my youngest daughter Meghan back in her Renaissance days at college during art classes.

I don't have a whole lot to share with you from this week. It did snow yesterday and the weatherman said it would stop around dinner time. While waiting to go out and do some snow removal I busied myself with working on my 2 current projects. Believe me I do not mean to bore you with mundane things that comprise my life at the moment. So many of you are doing some exciting stuff and far be it of me to be envious. I just know that God has plans for us all and we can entertain ourselves and each other in our own ways.

I just can't seem to stop doing this wide brim skullcap pattern found here. This might be the 5th one I have made, I'm starting to lose count. Don't ask me why I'm making it in a purple, I just randomly grabbed a partial skein of yarn that looked like enough to make one. I like it cause I can mindlessly knit for awhile and not have to concentrate on counting until I get to the decrease rows. 

I am also making another scrap afghan/blanket. Yes, you have seen this one before too, actually 2 times before. This one will be the one I donated to F.A.C.T. for this new year of 2015. All proceeds will go to this worthy charitable cause that helps people fighting the battle of cancer. I will not go into any big detail but if you are interested you can read more about it here. There are still raffle tickets available for the 2014 afghan/blanket. The winning ticket will be drawn on May 1st. I will not put a value on the first afghan/blanket I made because there is no possible way to do that. Just consider all the colors that I used for that hex afghan/blanket and tally up what it would cost to purchase enough yarn to make so many combinations of color. Then tack on the hours of work and don't even get me started on how many yarn tails had to be woven for each hexagon, let me see, there are 5 color changes to each one, so that would be 10 tails each how many hexes, okay, there are 163, and so if I have calculated right, there were 1,630 yarn tails to weave. Only those of us who actually do this kind of work know how tedious it can be. That is why I believe we always love to see our work appreciated and lovingly taken care of by the person who is on the receiving end. 

Here is the 4 rows I have completed. I am presently working on the 5th row with 2 more to go. I think after I complete this pattern that I will give it a rest and do something different. I have learned that some times too much of a good thing often leads to burnout. For now I just need to get this one out of my system and move on. Besides, I am running low on color choices and not often happy about what color I put next to the other. I have frogged rows just because I was not happy with what I saw, and there were a few iffy color pattern choices that I'm still not too crazy about......well, maybe that is just it, I'm just not too crazy yet, but teetering on the edge, hanging on by a thread of yarn....sanity at the moment.
Love you all, and for those of you still dealing with snow, keep warm ♥♥♥


  1. I think it's great that you are doing such industrious things while you're snowed in. And I agree that those flowers are your husband saying hello. I need to re-pot my 4 Christmas cactuses in one put and put them in my sunny bay window. Maybe today? You've inspired me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You're not lonely. God knows you're missing your husband. The blooming flowers are so beautiful. It's chilly there. Do some knitting will surely warm your hands and hearts. My dear Susanne. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet words.
    You're always in my thought. Love and hugs from Hong Kong

  3. You can bore me with knitting and crochet any day. I love visiting you and really so much about blogging is just our daily life isn't it? Love your Valentine's Cactus.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Your Christmas Cactus is pretty. I see Teresa's on her blog and think I'm going to get myself one of those, but I never do. I love the purple you are using for that hat. I like anything purple or pink! I went and printed that pattern out the other day when you posted the other hat you made. As soon as I get to Hobby Lobby and find some of that yarn you used, I'm going to give it a try. You hang in there! I'm so glad you have crochet and knitting to do and keep you busy. Your bloggy friend love you! You do not bore us at all! ♥♥


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