Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quick & Smaller Projects

Good morning. Another cold day in NW Ohio. Temperature in my corner of the world is 7 degrees. Guess if you read the post from yesterday then you kinda figured that, huh? You might even be a bit surprised that I have posted again so soon. I am trying to play catch-up with all I have been doing these past few months. All of these fast projects were free patterns that I found on Pinterest. These boot cuffs are for a young school-age girl. The yarn is RH and I liked this color pink because it reminded me of bubble gum. Basic pattern with knit and purl stitches, but crazy me, if I try to watch tv and do any real pattern other than straight knitting, I find myself goofing up and back-tracking more than once. I am still debating what to embellish them with, the crocheted hearts or the heart buttons. What are your thoughts on this? I think they would make the perfect gift for a little girl for Valentine's Day.

These of course are for the older female. More free Pinterest patterns. The pair on the left are knitted, the pair on the right are crocheted. 

Once again I am debating on which buttons to embellish with. 

Now for the caps, more free patterns from Pinterest. I have made this particular pattern 3 times. In a previous post I showed it to you done up in a different color for my grandson Holden. This one is designed by ChemKnits and is the Wide Brim Skullcap. I have to laugh about this though and tell you all about how nuts I am. I love the knit stitch, I hate the purl stitch. Always patterns like this tell you to be careful about twisting the stitches when they are joined at the ends of the first row. Okay, so far, so good, but then of course you do your ribbing, in this pattern it starts out with purl 5, knit 4. "I don't want to purl so much," I tell myself, so I will start off with knit 5, and purl 4. Halfway done with the 33 rows and a light bulb moment.....dang! That brim will be folded up when wearing this thing and now smart me, I have the purl stitches greater than the knit when a person wears it. Nope, I kept on, no way was I was frogging this. I guess no one would even know had I not told them.

I love how the crown looks. The decrease stitches fall in such a pretty patten.

Don't remember what this pattern was called, but it is basically a ribbed cap all the way. It is also off of Pinterest. I really need to make a note to myself to write down the link to these patterns. I admit to being so guilty or just plain old scatterbrain. For anyone interested the foam display head it was purchased from Joanne Fabrics. 
Love the crown on this one too. My daughter Rachael tried this one on and it looked so cute on her. Was my camera handy, no it was not!
So do they need something to embellish them, maybe not?

Little knitted cap for an infant. The day I made this I was just playing around with my yarn. A little bit of ribbing with knitted stripes of various colors, then some evenly spaced decreases and there ya have it, a little cap. Probably could use a pom pom on top, maybe in the blue?

There, I think I am now caught up with showing you all of my workings while I was absent for that long stretch of time. 

Now I have to deal with this in order to.........

finish this.

Keep warm ♥


  1. All pretty, pretty stuff! I love the hats. What yarn did you use for the blue and gray (or brown) knitted hats?

    1. The blue one was Red Heart yarn and I think the color was called Denim (like the blue jeans color) and the gray one was Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in color Dove. Now this is as close as I can remember cause I got tired of the yarn wrappers slipping off the skeins and I pitched them in the trash. I use to hang onto all that stuff but got fed up with the clutter.

  2. How impressive.. all your completed projects! I've been working away and finishing lots of things too and it makes me feel so good! I'm glad you kept safe and warm in your home during all this snow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Thanks! I always end up throwing mine away too.

  4. I love the grey boots cuffs..they so dainty and pretty. I think the little golden buttons would compliment/complete them nicely. Cute hats too! xo

  5. Wow Susanne...I'm so impressed with all of your finished projects! Your caps and cuffs are sooo cute!!! You've been as busy as a little Bee! xoxo

  6. Wow you have been busy, I love all your lovely makes especially the pink boot cuffs I love pink they would make great hand warmers too, I can't do a patterned stitch when watching TV either, I have to really concentrate and even then it usually takes me about 3 attempts before I get it right. :) x

  7. The little striped baby cap sure is sweet. You are so talented to be able to work on so many different patterns. Everything looks beautiful and warm for this winter weather! Hugs, Diane

  8. You have been so busy. No embellishments needed on those hats, they are perfect. And the wider purl ribbing looks great. I LOVE the baby hat, great idea with the stripes.


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