Friday, February 13, 2015

Wide Brim Scull Cap

Hello friends. Thank you for coming to visit me. You are finding me on Friday the 13th of February with thoughts of keeping warm on this cold, cold day. I made a 4th knitted scull cap from the pattern found here.
I have posted about this before.

It is the cap pattern I made for my grandson and his daddy. Amazingly the pattern did not need to be altered to accommodate the smaller toddler head. The 33 rows of purl 5, knit 4 make it snug enough and what I really like is that when you fold up that ribbing it makes a double layer of warmth for the person's ears.

I made this last one out of the Hobby Lobby "I love This Yarn" in the same color that I made Holden's cap. The number is 414 color Moss Creek. This is a soft yarn and works up nice. I use the size 6 circular needle stated in the pattern but on the decrease rows I knit onto double point needles because it becomes clearly  impossible to manage so few stitches on the circular one. 

The above pic shows the cap with the cuff turned up. Like I said, it is nice and warm because that part of the cap is now a double layer of warmth covering the ears. Using this variegated yarn also produced an interesting color pattern as well.

The crown turned out pretty too. If you are looking for a good pattern to make for a cap I suggest this one. So far it is my favorite. Rebecca has a lot of other free patterns on her site. I'm sure she would like you to visit her. Have a great weekend.



  1. I LOVE this, Susanne! That yarn makes it look like fair isle knitting. Beautiful. I have to try this one! Thanks for the linky. Next time I get to Hobby Lobby, I'm going to find that yarn too! Stay warm. I hope you have been feeling a bit better or are at least able to keep your mind off of sad things. I know it's hard. Love, and warm hugs -- Pammy

  2. I am so far behind reading blogs, family visiting over the weekend meant no time for blogging. Love your daughters house, the kitchen is amazing. You tissue box cover is perfect Susanne. You did a great job and I agree with you about adding flowers at the seams if your seams are a bit wonky, mine would be. The hat is again terrific. I love everything you make.
    Hugs to you and Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. LOVE the knitted hats! I am sure the guys will love them and wear them to keep warm. I am happy that hand-knitted and crocheted hats are so in vogue again! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. We have both been making hats! I love this one what a great colour, and yes you are right a ribbed hat is always the best for both the fit and of course for warmth. Hope that your having a great weekend. :) xx

  5. What fabulous yarn, I love it! Found you whilst blog hopping via Meredith at mereknits :)


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