Saturday, February 7, 2015

Old House, New Look

Hello friends. How are all of you this bright and sunny Saturday? 
I am doing okay. Temperature here in NW Ohio is around 33 degrees this winter morning.
I wanted to share with all of you some photos I took yesterday at my youngest daughter's home.
Over 3 years ago she began the process of gutting the bathroom, master bedroom and the kitchen of 
her 100+ year old house. Some of the other rooms are also on the agenda for remodeling in the future
but right now those three rooms were top billing. She does have a contractor helping her, but she has pitched in and did lot of the work herself. She has "before" pics, I do not. Today I will share pics of the kitchen.
I'll give you a tour from left to right........

View of sink area looking in from dining room.

continuing on from left to right.......

 Entering the kitchen on the left is counter space and cupboards. She just finished putting her back splash up. She still needs to grout some areas.

The farmhouse sink. The new dishwasher (a first for her).

Then moving from left to right is the focal point of this entire kitchen, the sink. If there is one thing that I would rip out and take home with me it is this farmhouse sink. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 
About 30 years ago while browsing through a Country Living Magazine, what did I spy....I wanted one then and why I never had one put in my kitchen I do not know. I could kick myself.

I wanted this shot because it shows the yellow honey comb teapot, cups and saucers I bought her years ago for Christmas. This is the first time they have been out of the box other than when she opened them that Christmas morning. Actually several other pics show them better. She is still debating what to put in the left cupboard, but I have a Brown Betty Teapot made in England that I plan to give her if she wants it. It would match the brown in her tiles.

Quartz counter top.
Such a serious expression, but then it has been serious work.

I told her to move so I could get a better pic of that spot where she was standing.

The pantry cupboard. Please excuse the dusty counter top.

 Then moving clockwise around the room just past the window is the pantry cupboard above and

 the new microwave and below that will sit her new range (which is still sitting in her living room). Right now she has her Taters & Onyuns box (her dad made that) sitting there temporarily.

Continuing around the room there is an archway opening leading into the living room and then there is the space where the fridge goes under the little cupboards. Still some finishing things to do as you can see.

Here is a better pic of that fridge space. Why aren't the range and fridge in the kitchen yet you might be asking, I'll get to that in a minute.

She put up the tin ceiling by herself.

And here is the reason her appliances are not in the room yet, her new hardwood floor has to be wiped down and needs another coat of poly sealant. You can see in the top far left of this photo how dusty things become when working in this space. She had a drop cloth down where she was working, but when gluing and grouting there was dust. 

So we end the tour right back to what I love most about this kitchen. Actually I think she did a great job so far. She pick out everything herself. She refused to charge anything on credit cards or go to the bank for a loan. When she had the cash that was when she bought what she needed. She is very frugal and thrifty. She gutted all the rooms she planned to remodel to save the cost of paying someone else to do it. She told me she gutted the place right down to the bare studs thinking she might find a bag of money someone hide over the years. It was a good thing she did strip everything down because there was not one dab of any kind of insulation between the outer and inner walls.
Back in the day heat was probably coal, and cheap.

 I will leave all of you now with a final pic for today, my little darlings. The one on the far left is of course the infamous Cabbage Patch Doll that was all the rage years ago. Back in the day I bought my girls each one and of course I had to buy one for me too.

The other 3 are Waldorf Dolls, made by 3 different very talented woman in different parts of our world. The one in the orange sweater and hot pink cap is a Little Jenny Wren doll from Tasmania. She came with a gray mohair sweater, but I was into knitting dolly clothes and she wanted the bright colors. Cabbage Patch also has one of my hand kitted sweaters with a matching scarf. Little Pippa, is my newest addition, and she is definitely a pip by all standards, she is small. She came from Gibraltar, and then I have the little guy on the right, he is from Germany. They all get along quite nicely and seem to love each other already.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Until next time, love you all, and thank you for coming to spend time with me. 


  1. Wow, you should be so proud of your daughter to have paid for that as she went and all her design choices our outstanding and I'm really impressed! Bravo! Thanks for showing the other dolls. What a cute bunch! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Now that's one beautiful kitchen in the making! I loved it all, especially the tin ceiling (always wanted one of those!)...and of course the sink! Everything goes together so nicely. I think your daughter is doing a fantastic job!!! Give her a big pat on the back for me! .... Oh gosh, those dollies are just so darn cute! xo

  3. Such a modern kitchen of a historic house. Big project for the mighty girl. The dolls are surely good memories of the sweet days.


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