Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Miniatures

probably my most favorite thing to collect.
I never tire of looking at and searching for
In previous posts I talk about my dollhouse,
and how I have been collecting little things 
for over 40+ years.
The items for that dollhouse were being collected
while the place to put them in was
still a dream.
It is purely delightful that 
blog land is a treasure trove of sites, full of
miniature lovers.
We all share a similar interest.
I want to share with you
my latest find on Etsy.
(Oh man, do I love that site!)
This darling little piece of art comes from 
LugArt Petit found here.
These ladies also have a blog found here.

 In my photo I have tried to show you the scale size.
Take a good look at the white grapes,
don't they look just yummy enough to
plop one or two in your mouth?
The cheese is so fantastic, all of these things
 so sweetly placed on a little cutting board
that has a hand slot at the one end.
The ladies (Maria & Monica) who created this,
and many more miniature pieces,
 are from Barcelona Spain.  
I was very impressed with the care they took when 
shipping this to me. It was carefully wrapped
in a piece of bubble wrap which was placed in 
a sturdy small plastic container,
and then that was placed in a air bag envelope.

 They were right on the ball with a speedy delivery.
Here is a last shot of the cheese and grapes inside the 
lens cap of my camera. 
I am seriously thinking that when I do get to 
finishing off the inside of my dollhouse I will start
a new blog devoted especially for just that purpose.
So, from one miniature lover to another,
tell me about what your great finds have been.
It would be fun to compare notes and tips.
Have a great weekend!



  1. That is an amazing piece of work - I would never be able to do something like that. :)

  2. That is so sweet, I wish I could pop that little grape in my mouth. It is amazing what people can create on such a small scale.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday,

  3. I would love to find a doll house and start collecting things for it! You have such precious things and it sure looks like fun!

  4. That is amazing, a real work of art.
    Carol xx


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