Monday, April 2, 2012

Bring on the Juice!

A trip to see my mother today for a visit
and then to the local Kroger Store to get some groceries.

They had some pretty good bargains in the produce 
department, i.e. pineapples 2/$5.00
Now that is a pretty good deal 
if you plan on doing some juicing.

Are you looking a bit puzzled by now?
You might be asking so what is that green stuff in the dishpan?
 It is the carrot tops!
Yep, gonna juice them because they are 
loaded with chlorophyll, you remember 
what that is don't you, way back in science class.

And so I scrubbed the organic carrots with
my little potato scrubber brush, and I washed 
and rinsed the carrot tops. 
Look how pretty an orange color the
 carrots are after being scrubbed, and
look how happy he (Little Spud) is about all
that healthy food stuff.

 And then I washed some Italian parsley.
Yep, it was going into the mix as well.
More green chlorophyll to add 
to the carrots and their tops.

The second batch, I juiced some juicy oranges, yummy!
You have to peel them though,
and leave on the white membrane that is between 
the peel and the inner fruit, but remove the seeds.

Last, but not least, organically grown red beets.
And you can also eat the leafy tops on them, 
but they are very strong and I will save that 
experience for another time when I feel braver.
To the beets I added the pineapples.
Not only did the juice turn out a lovely shade of red,
I tasted it and it is fantastically delicious!

By the time I got done with all the
 peeling, washing and juicing I was tired.
I had to run all the residue scraps and peelings
out to the compost bin, then return to clean up the mess.
I did drink the carrot and green tops plus parsley juice.
It wasn't half bad, and I think had there been tomato 
and onion added it would have been more like a V-8.

I didn't take pics of the finished products......
I was pressed for time, DHW was coming on 
and I was headed for the TV. 
And so that is how I spent my Sunday, 
how did you spend yours?
Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. Very healthy! My son juices, he likes it every once in a while-enjoy:@)

  2. The juices sound delicious. My Sunday was spent doing things around the house - laundry and such - and of course, I crocheted in the evening. :)

  3. It all sounds so yummy and healthy! I spent my Sunday visiting my Mom, taking care of my oldest who has the flu, doing laundry and, exciting life I lead!
    Happy Monday,


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