Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Baking and Giveaway Reminder

Earlier this week I pulled eight, 2 and 1/2 cup 
containers of shredded zucchini out of the deep freezer.
In the fridge they went and today I got busy.
I thought I had everything I needed for zucchini bread,
plenty of zucchini, flour, eggs, oil, sugar, nuts 
and all the spices.
Since I was making 8 batches I needed 2 dozen eggs,
24 cups of flour and a multitude of other things.
I was short 3 eggs, okay, so this bread would 
just be low cholesterol, we would manage.
Then I went to measure out my vegetable oil.
I was short! So I had some olive oil handy
and I have added that in baking before, it would work.
 I found a new bottle of grape seed oil,
the bottle said it could be used in baking so I dumped 
the entire contents in the measuring cup.
Needed 2 more cups!
Now how could this be, I was so sure I had everything I needed!
So I run in here and google up peanut oil for baking, 
and yes, people do use it for baking and
so I grab the container and fill up the remainder of my 
measuring cup with the peanut oil.
In the back of my mind I am thinking all this work, and 4 different kinds of oils and will this bread even taste good? 
 Because of the sheer size of this multiple batch I don't use 
just any old mixing bowl, I use this and it weighs a ton.
I bought it, and the 2 smaller sister bowls, at a party years ago.
The woman who gave the party said this bowl is big enough to bath a baby in, and that is correct, it is that big.
And to give you an idea just how big it is I put a fork
up against it. It is heavy to lift and a monster to hand wash 
because it is too big and too heavy for the dishwasher.
 It took 2 hours of measuring, sifting and mixing. A batch of bread takes 50 minutes to bake at 350 degrees, 
but because I loaded the bread pans with dough
and put 4 pans in the oven it took an extra 40 minutes.
I filled up 2 big muffin pans and a 9x13 pan as well.
After everything cooled I grabbed a muffin and gave it a taste test.
Despite the 3 missing eggs and my using a mix of
vegetable, olive, grape seed and peanut oil the recipe 
is a hit again. I have had this recipe since the early 70's and 
it is a family favorite. I believe I read somewhere if you want to use less oil you can substitute applesauce? 
That would have been my last resort.
I will give a couple loaves to family and some muffins to friends. The rest will be wrapped and into the freezer.
It is always so nice to have something handy to have with coffee when company comes.
The house has smelled good all day.
And tomorrow I will frost this bread that I made into a cake. 
Anyone who still wants to get in on my 
100th Follower Giveaway still has until this 
Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.
Time is running short so go to my previous post for the 
details and comment on that post.
Also remember that more items are to be added to 
the 9 that I have pics of.
Hope you participate. Good Luck!


  1. Wow, you're industrious! Love that bowl.

  2. Yum,yum,yum! I use grape seed oil to cook with all the time, and you can definitely substitute applesauce for oil, but your breads and muffins look perfect just the way they are. You may be on to a whole new recipe. Enjoy your weekend,

  3. WOW
    you have been very busy!!!!!
    I just love breads and muffins. I use applesauce all the time instead of oil. I quess cause i love applesauce too. They all looks so tasty.
    Have a Great Day
    Rainy here today

  4. Hi, I am getting to know you better by reading your older posts.
    Love this one, it reminds me of the bulk cooking I used to do when I cooked at fraternity houses.
    Glad they turned out, that was a lot of ingredients you used!


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