Saturday, April 21, 2012

Miniature Bears

I can not let another day go by without showing you this.
Aren't these the cutest little handmade bears you have ever seen? 
I am always on the lookout for miniatures.
I have collected them for almost 42 years.
 I have a dollhouse here and you can see several
pics of it and the interior's present unfinished state.
My husband made my dollhouse from a kit I bought years ago at Hobby Lobby.
I have a big tote filled with everything one would need to 
furnish that house.
I happened upon an Etsy seller named Amy Nguyen and her shop is called Crafter's Delights and you can find her here
The wonderful thing about my happening to land there was she 
had these 3 bears and she had them all on sale for half price 
with a coupon. 
Now I could not pass this up, the bears are adorable and 
will look perfect on a bed or the nursery in the house.
Sweet Amy, she even sent me a little surprise, the Mother's Day 
Pendant that she makes using Scrabble tiles covered with resin.
I think presently she is just selling the pendants, 
but you can always check with her 
on whether she plans to make more bears if you are interested. 
Thank you Amy, I ♥ my bears!



  1. I read Amy's blog and her bears are amazing. I can't believe she is not selling them for a while. You are very lucky to have found them. Sorry about your friend in Georgia being covered in pollen. We spend the entire month of February with an inch of green pollen on everything. It is disgusting. I never experienced this when I lived in Michigan. Hope all is well. How is your husband feeling?

  2. The 3 little bears are so cute - now you need to find a Goldilocks. I have a dollhouse that's still in the box. My hubby is supposed to put it together for me, but he keeps finding other things to do. Oh well - he'll get to it one day. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  3. awww! Thank you so much for posting this! I'm glad you like them! xoxo, Amy

  4. The bears Are really so cute and the pendant is a pretty vintage look. Lovely. Your doll house is a GREAT for the dolls family. Thanks for advice of my cat Mogi. I will take a look of his problem.

  5. They are absolutely adorable - why is it that small things always looks a little bit cuter?! :-)

  6. They are beautiful Susanne.

    I will go and have at look at the makers site.




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