Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Leaves :: Knitted Doll Sweater

Cool and chilly here in NW Ohio today.
The sun is shining though :)

I am on the home stretch with a small WIP,
a little knitted doll sweater that sat patiently waiting,
and waiting......just for me to get the DP knitting needles,
 in the size I needed to get the sleeves on. 
Now I just need to sew on the 3 buttons and it will be done.

The knitting needles are Takumi Bamboo.
This is my second time using bamboo, 
I also have a bamboo circular needle that I used last year and 
I loved it. You can buy them at Joann's,
they come from Japan.

This pattern is called Little Leaves and it can be found online.
It is an adaptation of Nikki Van de Car's Autumn Leaves by Marie Lafitte, and you can find it on Ravelry right HERE.
I wanted you to see the back of the sweater to give you a 
closer look at the pattern.

Here is a better look to see the leaves.
This pattern will fit a 32cm/13 inch doll.

I did go to Joann's for the knitting needles.
This time I was armed with my coupons.
Usually they are sitting at home on the kitchen table
as I am standing in line at the cash register having my
light bulb moment remembering I left my coupons at home.
(Ever been there and done that?)
I am so famous for that, but this time I stuck the flyer in my purse.
 I did some damage to the the ad pages.
The snippy young check out girl told me 
I should come back again (as if I hadn't just spent enough!).
I told her that was my problem, I come back too often.
"Oh yeah, well I have been here 2 years and I have never seen you,"
I asked her if she knew Sharon, she said yeah, 
I said, "So do I, she has been here forever and knows me well."
That kinda put a stop to her know-it-all-attitude.
She would just need to come see my sewing room  
(or call my husband, heaven forbid)
to know I frequent that store way too much.
I don't want to be a cranky old woman,
but I don't need smart allelic either, 
or to be made out to be a liar. 
In my younger days I would have been 
a tad more sarcastic to her,
but with age comes wisdom, patience and knowing 
that to have left there all puffed up wouldn't have ended 
either of our days on a high note.
Besides, I was thrilled at what I bought and nothing 
was going to end my day on a sour note if I could help it.

I did find a real bargain and the floor lamp was FREE
but you had to buy the table lamp which I DID need
for my sewing room. The light I have now on my desk
is a bit top-heavy and is not well suited 
for the shelf where it needs to sit.
There has always been an issue with it being a bit 
off balance and with it having a chain pull for the 
on and off it was never very stable.
The Ottlite is suppose to be better lighting and 
that is another plus.
Well, I am off for now, 
going to sew buttons on the little sweater.


  1. I think some people let their tongue run faster than their brain you know..! ;-)

    You got the floor lamp for free - that´s a great deal! :-)

  2. Your little sweater is adorable! Happy Easter:@)

  3. Very cute little sweater. :)

    I haven't had any cashiers get smart with me (yet), but I have had them stay on their cell phones while checking out my order. When they are done ringing everything up, I will just stand there until they get off the phone and actually speak to me. So irritating.

  4. Love the doll sweater, the leaf pattern is very stylish. I am at Joann's more often than I want to admit and I never seem to have the coupons with me!!!!!! Really after all this time I should know better.
    Hope you are having a great day,

  5. Hi Susanne...thanks for stopping over at my blog and missing me *heart*

    I think your dolls sweater is gorgeous...very fancy, actually!
    Sorry about the smart remarks...I'm getting more "assertive" as I got older LOL! I have no time for that sort of attitude especially when my sales pay THEIR wages.

  6. Hi Susanne,
    Thanks for your kind comments. Yes it is like Christmas everyday, and its so nice to know people are so kind for my project. I adore your little butterflies on a previous post, your work is amazing and this sweet sweater is just so adorable. Your work is so neat!
    Love Suex

  7. Sweet little sweater. The leaves are simply pretty - they are the soul. The smaller the harder to make (for me). You're so fine in this. Thought you've made some for the little angel.

  8. I've been meaning to come here for a while now and say hello...I finally made it! Your little sweater is so cute! You did a great job with it. Thanks for your comments lately!


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