Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Space :: My Sewing/Craft Room

First off let me say I need a wide angle lens.
It became apparent when I attempted to 
photograph my sewing room.
Maybe I'm just not savvy enough
to use what I have to get the effect I want.
Anyways, this is the best I could do with what I have. 
*Keep in mind if you want a closer look at any 
of my pictures, all you need do is click on it.*
So, let's get started shall we.....

My sewing room is at the end of the hallway
of our ranch-style home.

The room is pink because it use to be
the bedroom of our oldest daughter Rachael.
Her favorite color, you guessed it,
was, and still is, pink.
When you enter the room you have to go
left a bit because when you walk in the door the wall to 
the closet is right there in front of you.
We will go around the room in a counter clockwise 
direction, skipping the closet on the right-hand side for now.

As you will see, I have a lot of stuff. 
Two sewing machines in fact, 
the one in the darker case is a Sears Kenmore (42 years old). 
That was the very first anniversary gift my husband bought me.
I had come home from work to find him playing around with it, 
all excited. I had no clue he was buying me that. 
I never asked for it. But then his mother was a sewer, 
and she sewed so much it was almost like she 
was joined to the hip with her machine.

Managing this small space is a challenge.
Keep in mind that this is a work in progress.
I started out with just the space on the floor of
our double closet in the master bedroom.

 My knowing where things are located is another challenge
because I rely heavily on plastic tote containers.
Several are clear and I can see at a glance what is inside.
Like those 2 totes you see in the front with the white lids, 
they contain scrap booking supplies.
The others are solid for a reason because 
they contain mending, old blue jeans or other
things I am not needing or using at the present time.

In the corner is a bookcase with both books and leaflets.
If you want to do it, I probably have a book on it.
Quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, sewing, 
macrame', beading, cross stitch, and crafts. 

If you are like me, you are always interested 
in what books a fellow blogger has in their collection.
I'll give you a closer look.......

On top of the bookcase is my Gutermann 
Thread Cabinet, 
my Christmas present from my oldest daughter.
Next to that is my ribbons.  

My next project, Meghan's t-shirt quilt.
She has been bugging me to get it done.

These are all the t-shirts she has gotten for 
all the races she has run over the years. 
The bag is a Cracker Barrel shopping bag 
and it is the largest bag they have. 
It is plum full to the bottom with her t-shirts.

Just some of my scrap booking stuff.

My work area, a computer desk.
I sew on this surface. 
There have been times I sew at the kitchen table
when I am sewing a big project like a large quilt.

The other side of my work surface.

My printer/copier sits on a cane bottom chair.

My husband made this dry sink from oak.
It use to sit in my kitchen, now it has been 
commandeered to my sewing room.
It serves as another place to store things.

Right now I have a large bag of polyester stuffing
and another large bag of bubble wrap/packing supplies
stored in here. The drawers have sewing supplies 
like more spools of thread, bobbins and the things 
that came with my sewing machines.

I have utilized a large sheet of cardboard 
and applied my small felt board 
for laying out quilt pieces.
I have a large felt board as well and 
I recommend having one. It is the handiest
tool and I have never regretted buying them.

So I move my quilt project out of the way
and will now show you what is in the closet.

Yes, this closet is jam packed full of all sorts of things
from all of my baby yarn, to totes of fabric, wrapping paper,
tote of beading supplies, my serger, polyfill stuffing, 
quilt batting, a box of doily crochet thread, box of patterns, 
several WIP and more.
You may think this is a lot of stuff, but there is more, 
I have a few sliding totes on wheels under 
both beds in the other bedrooms. I have completed 
projects in totes in my bedroom closet. 
Then of course I have shown you on other occasions
my easy chair in the living room.
That is where a tote of yarn is and a few other things, 
like the hex blanket another WIP.

This room has other things in it as well,
the wooden acorn ornaments my husband made 
on his turning lathe.

A couple of more things he made that I stacked 
upon each other, a birdhouse and a recipe box
that needs to be painted.

Behind the Gutermann thread drawer are 4 of
those compartment things that are usually mounted
on a workshop wall, used for screws, nuts and bolts.
The ones I have are filled with all sorts of crafty supplies.

I store my buttons in old blue mason jars, and
a few smaller, fancier buttons in a jar with a cork stopper.

If there is anything at all that drives me nuts it
would be the clutter of cords from the computer. 
They get dusty just like everything else does.
Recently I saw a gadget that eliminates 
a lot of this tangled up mess. 
I plan to invest in one and I will let you know 
if it is worth ordering.

So there you have it, my space.
The biggest challenge of all is to keep it 
straightened up and organized.
That isn't always easy when it comes to needing
something that is in a box/tote that is under 
another box/tote. 
I hate digging around for what I need, 
but I consider myself lucky since many 
bloggers don't have a room at all to keep their 
supplies in.
Oh, and while I still have your attention,
I will let you know something else that is in my room,
can you find it? Would you like to know what it is?
I have done a great job of hiding it.....
I really need to get it out and get it put together.
I will give you a hint......
Tin Lizzie, lol.
Now look real close. 
Go back up to the 3rd picture and under that dark blue tote is
one box with the quilting machine in it. 
There is another box with the frame work.
Even my husband couldn't find it when he came in the room.
I use to have my printer sitting on it, 
and that was when the dry sink was still in my kitchen. 
This has been a long post.
Thank you for visiting.
I have enjoyed your company.
So, tell me about your space.


  1. I loved seeing your craft room! It's really nice. Thanks for sharing the pics!


  2. Wow! That's an amazing craft room ~ you are so lucky to have such a wonderful space to get crafty in :O)x

  3. Wow. Mouth has dropped.. That's a crafters dream... I have posted last week the start of my room. Going to post updates on it soon...I love your room.. I could be lin there for weeks at a time....

  4. Wow - you are set for life with all those supplies. Great room. :)

    (p.s. I don't know what a tin lizzie is so you'll have to update us when you get it put together.)

    1. Debi, Tin Lizzie is a full functional quilting machine. I bought it 3 years ago and the dilemma is where to put it up at....hubby says in the basement, I say NOT! So the debate goes on.....

  5. I am so jealous! I do not have a space and frankly am a little peeved about it. I had a very small room up stairs all my own that my husband took over for a work out room. I have bins in my closet and that just doesn't seem like enough. Wah!!!!! You seem set for crafting life.

  6. Oh you seem very organized. I am not a crafter but sure envy you talented gals.


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