Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wide-Angle Lenses

Just a few lines here.
I really need to stop wanting things.
If I go into a store looking for a light fixture
you can bet your bottom dollar I will go straight to
the most expensive one they have.
Yeah, champagne taste and a beer pocket book.
Seems to be that way with everything
that I shop for.
The newest need want is a wide-angle lens
for my camera.
Have you ever priced them things?????
Now since I am not robbing a bank, and 
I am not related to Billy Gates or Donald Trump,
and I can't sell the ranch or offer up my first born,
I will have to keep my whits about me and 
save all my pennies.
Folks, it is gonna be a long time before I get that lens.
Oh what the heck, if I get one I would have 
to clean a bigger area of the house before 
snapping a pic.
Those wide-angle lenses just mean more work for me.
If I keep this up I will just talk myself out of getting one.
Light bulb moment.....
why am I thinking Rent-A-Center? 


  1. Yeah...not really worth it with all that extra house work LOL!

  2. Rent-a-center sounds like a good idea - you can get what you need without having to wait too long - then you can start having fun. :)

  3. The thought of having to clean more would scare me away from a wide lens very quickly. I am all for pathetic photos (mine not yours)and more crochet time.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Saving money can be SO boring, I'm trying to save too for a down payment on a new house and it takes sooooooo long..! Well, we'll keep it on - right?! :-)

  5. Thank you Susanne for commentng on our Blankets.It certainly brings a smile to my face when Blankets are donated to my project. There are such a lot of kind ladies out in Blogland as you probably know! I have looked at your posts, how I wish I had a craft room! What a lot of books you have too! You certainly are a crafty person!
    Love and best wishes Suex

  6. Hee-hee...I have that champagne taste too! I always like the most expensive of anything I'm looking at. I'm always saying I must have fabulous taste.

  7. Oh I want one too but sadly it is way down on the list right now so I am with you on this one.


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