Friday, September 7, 2012

Recap of the Week

On Monday (Labor Day) my best friend Debbie came to 
play cards. We have this little thing where we say we are 
gonna beat each others a$$. We never play for money, 
we just play for fun. It's a good thing......

 I won't say who lost, but OUCH!
We play a game called Nurtz (or is it Nertz?).
Any number of people can play. It is more fun 
when 4 people play. The game can get kinda wild.

A couple of years ago I gifted Debbie with a 
wine cork bulletin board (no, I did not drink that many 
bottles of wine). My youngest daughter worked at a 
couple of restaurants, one was the Angry Trout in 
Bay View, on Lake Erie and the other at 
the CIC (the Catawba Island Club also on the lake). 
She was a bartender. 
She could get an endless supply of corks 
and so we put them to use. Debbie brought me a 
bag of corks from one of her other friends. 
The gal saw Debbie's board and wanted one too. 
So my hubby made a board for her.
Here is a photo of it. Personally I think I 
would have laid the corks out a bit different, anyways,
she should have plenty of room to tack up notes, 
coupons and whatever she wants.

 Roger's new hat came today. I didn't complain 
that he already has too many hats to count, 
this one makes a statement, and I think anyone 
who can wear this hat should have it given to 
them for free.

And here I am on a Friday with another batch 
of spaghetti sauce simmering away in the roaster.
On Thursday I made my bi-weekly trip down 
to the tomato patch and came back with another 
large bucket full of tomatoes. This batch will go 
into canning jars tomorrow. In the morning I will 
also be baking a couple of beef roasts to make 
pulled hot beef for sandwiches. I want to fill my 
crock pot for the family reunion that is on Sunday.

Not much else going on in my boring world other 
than I went today to my quarterly check-up with 
my doctor and am doing well. 
I lost 13 pounds since March.
 He was pleased, I was pleased. 
Now forgive me but I am gonna have my rant now
so if you don't want to read it I won't mind at all 
if you want to move on to another blog. I got 
my feathers ruffled a bit just after signing in. 
Now after going there for the past 2+ 
years I just found out today the 2 gals who work 
in his office, the receptionist and the nurse, that 
neither are what I thought they were. 
I just assumed the nurse was a nurse because after 
the gal in the office takes my insurance cards 
and tells me to take a seat, she also tells me that 
"the nurse will be right with you."
Today I sign in and the receptionist has a 
stethoscope around her neck, and she tells me she 
will be the nurse today. I say, "I didn't know you 
were a nurse," and she says, I'm not I'm a RPA."
I guess I wasn't quick on the draw cause I asked her 
what RPA was and she said, "Registered Physician's 
Assistant" and then she says, "same as P, she is also 
a RPA, we just call her the nurse."
Okay folks, I'm an LPN for over 27 years, and I 
went to school for 1 year, the year from HELL 
I might add, and I sat all day long taking my 
State Boards in Columbus and I don't go around 
calling myself an RN or a doctor. 
Do you see where I am coming from here? 
Just don't pass yourself off as something you are not!
Needless to say I left there somewhat 
disappointed in the gals.
I guess I will live, there are worse things in life.
Tomorrow is a new day and I have sauce to can.
That's all folks, have a good weekend.


  1. We put a lot of trust in them. They should be upfront about who is what exactly.

  2. Very cool cork board Susanne. I'm pleased to hear you didn't drink all that wine yourself hehe... Yum, your spaghetti sauce looks it tastes good too. I have tomato seedlings growing. They are about 1cm tall LOL! Can you tell I'm excited about growing tomatoes (and making maybe making sauce?)

    Sorry the receptionist misled/deceived you. That's not right when we put much trust in people of the health profession :o{

  3. With a glut of tomatoes, you might like to try this recipe for Tomato Relish - I don't think you have to water bath it, just bottle while hot, into sterilized jars and screw on lids.

    I would feel the same way you did with the 'so called' nurse! How dare they?

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Love the corkboard - I have a smaller one and it's full - guess I need to make another one soon. Your tomato sauce looks delicious - sometimes I wish I had the gumption to cook like that. Maybe you should mention to the Dr. that it's not right for the ladies in his office to misrepresent who they are. An assistant is an assistant - a nurse is a nurse. Hope you have a great day. :)

  5. I bet those ladies just got tired of explaining what a LPA is, but it still is a bit crazy isn't it? Love the cork board, and again I am ready to grab a batch of that sauce, I bet your house smells so yummy.
    Hugs to you,


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