Thursday, September 6, 2012

Log Cabin Granny Blanket

Thursday morning finds me without much to share 
with you except to show the progress I am making 
with my log cabin granny. 
This is one of the most relaxing projects with 
the only real decision 
to make being what color to pick next.

I walked into the living room this morning and 
couldn't resist snapping a pic of how the sun light 
captured all the bright colors. Believe me, 
the photo really doesn't do it justice.

My goal was to bust the stash, and it is happening.
I have been tempted to drape it on the couch and 
stand back to check color placement, but I told 
myself no, I will just deal with the out come the 
way it ends up regardless of any odd color 
placement. I have tried to eye-ball it while in the 
chair, trying to balance mainly the dark colors 
and the bright red. What you are not seeing 
is all the ends on the back. Yeah, yeah, I know, 
I said I was going to try and weave in the ends 
as I go, but I lied. I absolutely hate that job! 
And I know from reading other blogs it is 
not a high point for anyone who works with 
yarn or thread. In fact I have thought that maybe 
a gal could open a business where she does the tucking 
of threads for people, like maybe 5 cents a tail, lol. 
I also see where some folks collect the snipped tails.
Heavens, I would have a zillion by now had I done that!
How about you? Are ya tucking your tails?


  1. Hmmmmm, it's sooooo beautiful! Sunlight coming through the adds such a special something!

  2. It's looking pretty Susanne. I feel for you having to tuck in all those ends - that really is the worst part about changing colors a lot. I tuck my ends in a few at a time because if I waited to the end, I probably wouldn't do it. I hope you're having a good day. :)

  3. Your blanket is coming along great. It looks like a fun stash busting project. I need to do one of those myself. Maybe this winter....Have a great day. Heather

  4. I think it is beautiful, so bright and wonderful. And anything you have to say is just fine with me. I have to admit I sew the ends in right away, I always do I am a bit obsessed that way.

  5. Bright and colorful make a day pleasant. Do whichever way without sticking to rule is pleasing. With fall approaching thought it's good time to do more crocheting. Do more for Holden..... Have a nice weekend.


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