Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nurturing My Sanity

I have a new project started.
Another stash buster.
The Log Cabin Granny did not use up 
all of my yarn, so that calls for another 
scrappy project to solve that issue.

Over a month ago I saw a blanket 
made of small granny scraps. 
I am forever writing notes to myself of 
where I saw something of interest. 
I did download a pic, but folks, don't ask me 
where I copied it from. I just wanted a reminder 
and a photo to give me the idea for using up 
future yarn stash.
Then I saw that Lucy at Attic24 was making 
something similar only she is doing 5 round 
grannies instead of the 3 round ones. I suppose 
the bigger grannies would make a faster blanket, 
and another plus, the bigger the motifs, the less 
ends to weave in because you don't need as many 
squares to get the blanket finished. I had 
thought of making bigger squares, but some 
of my balls of yarn are not that big and I figured 
smaller squares was the thriftier way to go. 
My use up that yarn, so I can move 
on to the better yarn I have stored away.
Other than that, I do have another baby granny 
that needs to be sewn together. That sewing 
business is right up there with weaving in the ends, 
another job I am not crazy about.
Well lovelies, I am about boring today with very 
little to show you and to share.
Hopefully I will be able to WOW you with 
something spectacular next time.
Hope all is well with you.
We are still hanging in there and taking one 
day at a time.

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