Monday, September 10, 2012

For the Doily Lovers I Follow

Anne Peach photo from Ketutar blog.

Above is a lovely photo of Anne Peach and 
her amazing doily canopy. 
I ran across this photo a couple 
of years ago on the Ketutar blog 
"The One and Only Me,
 The Universe and Everything"
that you can find here
 Ketutar has listed over 700 doily pattern links 
on this page. Many are still accessible, 
unfortunately some links are broken 
and those patterns no longer available. You can 
click on the Patty's Patterns spot that will take 
you to the place where patterns are as well. I am 
thinking the list is a duplicate of the list on the 
blog, but don't take my word for it cause I 
haven't had time to investigate that yet.
I just thought this may be helpful for some of 
my friends who love doilies and are looking 
for that special pattern to make. 
Thank you Ketutar for all your hard work 
and research. Thank you also for sharing the 
doily links so others can enjoy them. 

 I spent my Saturday canning 7 quarts of 
spaghetti sauce. I had enough for 3 more quarts
but since it takes 7 to fill the canner I went ahead 
and froze 2 and saved the last one for 
the meatballs I had whipped up. 
Our oldest brought the baby over and she 
stayed for supper. I should have taken a picture  
of the yummy spaghetti and meatballs sitting on
the plates, but we were so enthralled with the baby, 
that by the time I even thought of my camera 
most of supper was eaten.
On Sunday I ripped the beds apart, washed up the 
bed linens, hung them outside and kept my 
fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain.
The weatherman said possible scattered 
showers by afternoon.
 I went to visit my mom for a couple of hours. 
I stopped and got us both a hamburger, 
then after that I came home and finished my laundry 
(see, I told you my life is boring, lol).
I did crochet some on my granny log cabin and 
coming very close to completion, YIPEE!!


  1. That doily canopy looks very interesting - I'll have to check out the doily site when I get a little more time. Thanks for sharing the link. And thanks for dropping by my blog - have a good day. :)

  2. Your life is not boring, it is just life. yesterday I blogged, waited to take my husband to pick up his car, dropped off my son at the movies, visited my Mom who was very confused, did laundry and knit two rows of a new sweater. Not the most exciting of days that is for sure.

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. You sure are going to be good to go on the spaghetti for the winter. Have a great week kiddo.

  4. you know I am going to that link..asap..thanks for the info,


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