Monday, September 24, 2012

Cabbage Rolls & Updates

A few weeks ago I went in search of cabbage.
Not just any cabbage, but those big flat headed ones 
suitable for making cabbage rolls.
It was a dry run, all they had was these small, puny, 
down right pitiful little heads.
I came home empty handed and decided to wait.

Waiting paid off.
I stopped 2 days ago and look what I found, 
these huge heads, just perfect for my recipe.

I was really excited when I saw them. 
The girl who sold them asked what I was 
gonna do with them. When I said cabbage rolls she 
said I was making her hungry, lol.
Just to give you an idea of their size I put a 
soup can beside them.


I had to discard several of the outer leaves.

I made a crock pot full and divided them up 
for freezing. This recipe, found here
is one of the best cabbage roll recipes I have 
found. I normally double the filling and triple or 
quadruple the sauce mix that is pour
over the rolls. I bought 3 heads of cabbage to 
make sure I would get plenty of large outer 
leaves. What was left of the heads I chopped, 
blanched, then froze for soups this winter. 
On the web site they have the nutritional 
values at the end of the recipe. You can 
always substitute ground turkey, cut back on the 
salt or do what you must to modify to your 
dietary restrictions. I personally don't change a 
thing. I often make bigger batches and cook 
the meat mixture in a skillet then freeze that 
as well. It can be used later for more rolls and 
you save a lot of fuss having it made ahead 
of time. This is a 4 and a 1/2 star recipe.

I made 21, put 4 to a freezer container, 
label and freeze. I had 5 containers of 4 rolls.

Gee, I wonder what happened to the extra 
(someone had to taste test them, yummy!) 

Now if you don't want to read my depressing 
news then hop, skip or jump outta here.
It has been a very busy 2 weeks.
My husband was admitted to the hospital and 
stayed 6 days. They had to put an emergency 
port in his neck for dialysis. Since then he has 
been to surgery 2 times, to remove the first port, 
insert another in his chest and again another 
port in his abdomen. The last one will be for 
home dialysis. There was a trip to the
ER one evening for excessive bleeding, 3 hours 
spent waiting and an ER doc that was nice, 
but did virtually nothing. At 11pm we came home,
dragging butt only to get up at 4:30am with more 
blood and having to be at his dialysis by 6:30am.
 Right now we travel 3 days a week, 
over an hour away for him to have dialysis. 
The abdominal port can not be used for 2-3 weeks.
He has yet to see his oncologist and then there will 
be more traveling for chemo. 
Right now life as we once knew it is no more.
Our time is consumed with travel to doctor and 
hospital. I have had to put babysitting for 
my sweet grandson on hold. 
We waited a long time for that child. 
I have to guilt myself into not feeling sorry for our 
situation. I tell myself that there are others who are 
going through this very same thing. 
Others who are worse off. I tell myself that I am 
not the one with cancer and I should not be angry.
Some people do not realize that when cancer 
moves in it effects the entire family. I am right there 
too, going to every appointment, 
and have been since day 1. 
It has been hard to not be angry with the 
professionals whose mercy you find yourself at.
They don't get in any hurry, and you spend too much 
time with thoughts running through your head. 
And then you look back and wonder if you had 
made different choices would things have been better. 

I just wanted to let all my faithful 
followers know that I have not forgotten you, 
nor have I forgotten all your kind thoughts 
and words that are left in the comments. 
I have buzzed in and 
out of here during the past 2 weeks.
It is a pleasant break from my worries and 
concerns. I can not tell you how good it feels to 
be able to escape to this place, 
if even for just a few minutes. 
I keep telling myself God is in control.
 In my mind's eye I keep seeing that tiny mustard seed.


  1. Hi Susanne. The cabbage rolls look delicious.

    I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is having difficulties. I will keep him in my prayers. :)

  2. Susanne, of course you are angry, sad, depressed, concerned and every other emotion you can muster. Cancer is horrific, it involves the entire family and friends, too. It moves in and takes over and we lose control. You are not feeling sorry for yourself, you are being true to the situation. It stinks, plain and simple. Someone you love is hurting and you are right there by his side, hurting too! If I could wrap you in a big hug I would, this is horrible anyway you look at it. I wish you strength, I wish you patience and I send you positive thoughts to hold on the best you can.
    Sending you love,

  3. Susanne, I popped in and read from the start of yummy cabbage rolls to the last. I know your worries, your sorrows, anxiety, depressed. God guides you and I'm always praying for your husband and you. Be strong you've family, friends to share your worries.

  4. Oh, Susanne, I'm so so sorry! This must be a terrible time for both you and your husband. I didn't realize he had cancer until this post...just that he had kidney problems. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. XOXO

    You should have received a package from me by now. It was insured, so if it didn't arrive, let me know.


  5. Hang in there. I know this is a tough ride you are one. Will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Those cabbage rolls are making me drool. I have to make those this week. Going to figure out how to De-Carb them a little for my diet, but otherwise we will be good to go. Smart to freeze up now for the winter.

  6. Susanne, my dear...we are all here for you anytime. The stuffed cabbage rolls look good and that cabbage is amazing..I'm guessing you got it from a farmers market...I've seen nothing like that at the grocery stores around here to be sure. Think I'll make some too...:)

    Prayers for your and your sweet husband too...difficult times to be sure..I'm sorry that you both have to go through this. The time you spend with your grandchild will be extra special because it is precious time..I hope that soon you will be watching him more often..

    Take care....Hugs

  7. For whatever reason, I had not seen this until today. I missed blogger for a few days and things escaped me. I SOOOO understand that when cancer moves in, it invades the entire house! And as hard as it is to go through the treatments, the caregiver, spouse, support just never get a break and the responsibilities are oh so huge! The physical responsibilities are dwarfed by the mental! So very sorry you're BOTH going through this! Your hubby is very lucky to have a loving, supportive being to stand by him and lend strength. If you are willing, pls share your home address with me...I would love to send you some smiles / caring / prayers in the mail once in awhile. - email me. It's fun to get a surprise in the mailbox every now and again (something besides bills!). Hugs to you...very special, supportive hugs. Annette


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