Sunday, September 18, 2011

Digging Onions, Weeds & Flowers

I spent my Saturday changing and washing sheets and then went out and commenced to digging up the onion patch. Why does gardening have to be such back-breaking work????? No matter what type of gardening you do, whether it be flowers or veggies there just isn't any good way to get down and up from the ground, nor to avoid an aching back. At that time I didn't even bother to take the camera with me, but I did get a good 1/2 bushel of some nice size onions. Usually my husband lays them on top of the ground for a day or so allowing them to dry before putting them in a basket and into the basement, but since it has been rather dewy and foggy most mornings, I collected them and put them on newspaper on his workshop floor.

After I got done fussing with the onions I ran back into the house to grab the camera and came back out to take a picture of what is left of the garden. There are still some beans out there (another back-breaking job). The tall plants over in the far left corner is okra, as tall as I am. The rest is weeds and some dried up corn stalks. But while standing and resting my back I happened to glance around and this caught my eye.....

I could see the bright yellow Goldenrod and the purple of another weed that I have no clue to it's name.....

Okay, so now what did I have here, a weed that has a flower similar to a daisy, how pretty! Does anyone know what this is called?

If you follow my blog you know that right before Christmas 2010 things have been crazy in my world when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Years ago he had made 2 planting beds inside the privacy fence and he use to plant his onions, lettuce and cucumber plants in these. I told him he had that big garden and I was taking over those 2 beds for some flowers. Last year they were filled with red cockscomb and tons of marigolds. My intentions were all good, this Spring I was going to plant more flowers and I started with my one surviving geranium from the year before and this is what is there now....

this beautiful pink geranium among all the weeds, just as pretty as can be. I just didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It reminded me of my husband, still surviving despite all the bad things that have invaded his territory. And the ironic thing is that the flower is more beautiful than it was the year before. I will save this flower the same way I did last fall before the frost. I will take it from it's earth and clean off it's roots and I will trim all the flowers and green from it, leaving just a little bit of leafing on it's stems and I will store it in a bag in a cool place so not to be too warm or freeze. And when spring comes again, if I am still on this earth and able, after the danger of frost, I will once again plant this lovely flower. God Bless Us All. ♥


  1. Someone needs to think of a better way - my back always ends up hurting too. Have a great day. :)

  2. Your purple flower is an aster. It's a perennial and will come back every year.

    Your thoughts and care of that lovely geranium are touching.

    I'd love to have you join me at Seasonal Sundays. Digging up your onions seems quite seasonal to me.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Ah, yes, the memories of aching backs and creeking knees. The joys of gardening, eh?

    We are just starting to hit gardening season again. I took stock of what was out there today, after the winter. Lots of kale that has bolted, in fact, everything that is in there has basically bolted after a few days of warm spring weather.

    All the best with the geranium,


  4. What a joy to visit your blog.

    Susanne if you would like the cancer book of encouragement posted on my blog I will send you on a complimentary book?

  5. Hi Susanne, I came by from mary's blog. She was right, you have such a pretty blog! I have enjoyed my visit and will be back to visit again. I'm sorry that your husband is ill, I will send prayers and hugs your way. Have a nice week, Hugs Jennifer

  6. Thank you girls for setting me straight on the aster. Now why wasn't I even thinking that is what it could be. Now how did such a pretty flower manage to find it's way to the Goldenrod patch and look so pretty? Maybe a bird spread the seed in it's droppings....I would love to have a copy of the cancer book UB, I would gladly pay you for it...and Jennifer, thank you for your kind comments, yes, please come back again. Tablescaper I have visited your blog recently and as usual it is a shining star, filled with such pretty settings. Fiona hope all is well. It has been ages since I have seen the likes of you. You must be one busy lady!

  7. Yep - awful back pain every time, it sucks!

    I wish your hubby the best, I hope it´s all as OK as it can be.

  8. Susanne,
    Thank you so much for offering to pay but this one is especially complimentary for you.You can send on your name and address via this blog. Would you prefer my email address?

  9. Hi Sue,,,I love the goldenrod. I just collected all the wandering pieces throughout my yard and replanted them in one spot. I know that it will wander again, but then I'll have more to find and replant LOL. The aster is beautiful. A great find! Sometimes when we buy mums in the fall, we are really buying asters. This I found out by accident--not because I am a great gardener. I'm starting to get back in some sort of groove..I'll be taking to you soon xoxoxoxo


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