Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday was NOT a good day. We spent most of the morning running to find me a push mower that was not like the other push mower we have, the one that feels like pushing a Sherman tank around to trim. No folks, we  do not have a lawn man who does our yard. Well, it seems that the one that is aluminum cast is actually 2 pounds heavier than the one made of steel.....now go figure :(  So by some quirk we found one that was small and just perfect, 20 pounds or so lighter than the Sherman tank, I pushed that thing around the Toro dealers store and said, "SOLD!"

We came home to eat lunch and I was off again to the vets to get the Heart Guard for the doggies, then made a quick trip to another town to the drug store. When I got home my intent and plans were to start up that new mower and do some trimming, but the game plan changed when my hubby's back pain was worse and so I insisted we go to the ER and get checked out (maybe an chest/back x-ray). Two nights sleeping in the recliner was not going to cut it anymore. Things were not improving. After all, there could be a fractured rib or maybe the start of pneumonia......the ER......oh my, was packed. It was a 2 hour wait sitting with other souls who were suffering. Then when we did get into the exam room they were fairly quick, but after the initial BP, pulse, temp and round of questions and the x-rays, it was another 2 hours. I will just say this, the doc was great, the nurses were very nice......and so 2 tabs of vicodin, it was not helping, a shot of morphine did help some and the ride to pharmacy was uneventful till I returned to the car and he was sick to his stomach......I will not go into details, but he did manage to retain stomach contents till we got home. Straight to bed.....chair with a bucket....wet wash cloth.....a bottle of water......and he fell asleep. It was dark when we got home. There was no grass trimming. I sat and finished up my posting about the miniatures, then sat and watched a bit of tv and crocheted a couple of flowers. My day was shot, and so was I......I slept on the couch....♥


  1. I hope your hubby feels better today. Remember to take care of yourself too. :)

  2. I am so sorry. I wish I lived closer so I could take you away once in awhile..Hugs, prayers to you..

  3. Oh no the ER is never fun. I was there with my daughter in the summer for seven hours. Hope he is doing well.

  4. Hang in there. I wish I was closer to bring my mower over to help out. Will keep you in my thoughts.

  5. Oh Susanne, not a good day huh? I do hope your hubby is better today. I certainly understand the lawnmower thing. I do have a small pushmower for trimming but even so, in the heat, it feels like I'm pushing a truck! I also despise trimming. I never did any of those things before and now it is me or they are not done and sometimes they aren't...I can only do what I can do. Do take care of yourself. Let us know how your hubby is doing. God bless!


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