Friday, September 30, 2011

More Laundry Soap

Just wanna thank friends for enlightening me to two more blogs where you can find the recipes for making your own laundry soap. I will post all 3 and make it handy for anyone wanting to check them out:

1.) laundry soap



These gals all have wonderful blogs, with so many great postings. The second one is for a powdered soap and looks so pretty. I can just imagine smelling the fresh fragrance. I must be crazy, but after reading what these gals had to say about the finished products I was struck with the desire to rev up the washing machine and tackle the laundry pile. We all know how expensive laundry soap can be. I am for anything that helps to keep cost down. I did notice that Beehive Cottage also says she uses vinegar to rinse her clothes and I will have to check that posting out a bit more. Wouldn't it be great to not have to buy any more of those costly rinse fabric softeners or dryer sheets! ♥


  1. Hi Susanne,
    I left (tried to leave) a comment on your previous post but blogger ate it. I was so mad!! Now I am hiiighting and copying before I hit post just in case. Thanks for the link to the laundry soap on simplelife. I couldn't find it before. The beehive cottage recipe says it smells so good but I cannot find the pink zota soap here. The price of laundry detergent and soap is just getting ridiculous. I use Dove bar soap and it is just ridiculous what a bar of soap costs. I use a few different laundry detergents, ERA, ALL and I even use Purex for my rugs and cleaning towels and stuff. I odn't like it for our clothes because I don't really care for the scent. I really want to try making some so I am going to look for the soap. I used Fels Naptha on my daughter's baby clothes years ago to get out formula stains. I don't know if I can still find it or not. Let me know which recipe you try. I still need to check out the last one on your list. I am still enjoying the scent of the bar soap you sent. It makes my hall bathroom smell so good. I haven't decorated for fall yet but I do have the autumn dishtowel and the candleholder out so I think that counts.
    Hope you have a wonderful day. It is really cool here today and no sunshine.

  2. Hi Sue, it's so funny, my sister just yesterday was telling me how she started making her own laundry soap and all-purpose cleaner for kitchen, bathroom, windows, etc. Thanks for the links...I'm going to try this. Have a nice weekend. xJosie

  3. Susanne, What a great idea. I will check them out. And thanks ever so much for all your kind words. I think many people are struggling with issues with their loved ones. I know you are up to your elbows in worry but you still have the time to say sweet words to others. Thanks and hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Hi Susanne, thanks for the links I will wander over there. I like the idea I am always running out of clothes soap and softener, 4 kids and one hairy dog that attacks dirt, especially when it is raining ='s lots of laundry! Wouldn't a vinegar rinse leave the clothes smelling a bit? Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. I hope you found a recipe you liked ... we use a box of Borax, a box of Washing Soda, and a bar of Fels Naptha soap (grated). Mix it all up in a big bag or bowl, and use about 2 tablespoons per load. One batch lasts us just under a year and costs less than $10. A pretty good deal!

    We have very hard water but since I've been using the homemade soap I feel that all the towels come out very soft. (I don't use any fabric softener.) Vinegar does make a nice rinse though, especially if you have hard water. Works great on hair too! :)


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