Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I am so excited. Last evening I checked my blog and there was a comment from La informing me that I had won her giveaway. It is the first win ever for me. Check out her blog at  http://amusingpotpourri.blogspot.com/. She has wonderful and interesting postings and I have been a follower for several months. Oh, and did I mention I sold 15 knitted dishcloths??? What a thrill that was too!

I am still working away on the AF blanket and making good progress. I will take a snap shot and post it soon. This time maybe I will remember to load the memory card in the camera. I have tried to figure out downloading from the camera itself, but just can't get the hang of it. Time to get the instruction manual out I guess.

I am getting itchy to do other things now. I did take a few days to make a pretty shell stitch carriage cover for the new grand baby (due in March). I will post a pic of that as well.  I wish I would have made a longer chain base because it turned out more the size of a receiving blanket. The pastel colors are so pretty. I want to make some burp cloths from Jeanie's tutorial that can be found at Getting Started . Check her archives for the posting. She just went through that terrible hurricane Irene and what a feat! She lives on the coast with water surrounding her town on 3 sides.

Well today will be a busy day of housework. I have neglected my house and it is looking a bit frazzled and it will bug me till I get busy and do something about it. I would much rather be crocheting, knitting or sewing. What would you rather be doing? ♥


  1. Congrats on your win and for your dishcloth sales. :)

  2. Hooray on your win, you deserve it after these past few months. I am so happy for you.
    Happy Tuesday,

  3. I have an award for you on my blog. :)

  4. Lucky you!! So what's happening???


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