Friday, September 16, 2011

WINNERS!! and A Peek of My Winnings

TA DA!!!! And the winners of my GIVEAWAY are Mary and Debi Y......congrats to both of you. I will be sending winners a notice and will need them to send me their mailing address. I had 8 people leave a comment on my post, but unfortunately 4 did not follow the requirements to qualify for the drawing. But don't fret, I still love ♥ you anyways and hope that you will participate in any future giveaways.

Now I want all of you to see what I won on La's fantastic giveaway awhile back. (Sorry La that it took me so long to post a couple of show-off pics). (Now how did she know I like Paula Deen?????)

You will have to forgive me, I am having issues with my downloading of photos and the Paula Deen items pic just wouldn't download without an ERROR!!!! My IP is not cooperating this morning so I will do my best to describe the things to you. La sent me a little bonus package wrapped in this pretty polka-dot tissue paper, and in it was 6 Paula Deen recipe cards, a helpful Paula Deen ingredient magnet, and a box of 20 gift hanging tags for packages. There was a sweet little Thank You card included for participating in her giveaway. No, I say "Thank You" La for having this nice giveaway and including me in it. Some days we are winners! You can find La at her blog here. She has some wonderful posts and I'm sure you will find them as interesting as I have. ♥


  1. Yay!!!! Thanks so much Susanne! I'll email you my address. :)

  2. Congrats to you and your winners! Thanks for the fun give-aways:@)

  3. Just a quick pop by as I was able to get on the computer for a few after getting the MIL feed and all settled in her room. She should be back in a second. Any who, I couldn't believe that Chevron ripe-off. And the kicker is someone is making a ton of moola on the whole thing. It's really crazy. And the fact is, I really only love the pattern in blankets, not a dress.... ok, maybe the rain boots.

    Ok, she back and ready for my attention. Lordy, is this going to be a long weekend.

    Dang-it, the sign in is acting up.

    It's Kate, The G.B.

  4. Hi Susanne!

    Congratulations to the winners of your wonderful giveaway.

    I'm glad you received your package and are enjoying the contents.


  5. Hi Susanne - I received my giveaway prize package today. Thank you so much! You gave me a smile. I'll probably post about this on my blog either later today or tomorrow. Thanks again Susanne - you're an angel. :)


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