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Monday, September 12, 2011

My Love of Miniatures

In a perfect world....oops, this is not a perfect world. There is no such thing, or is there? Of course there is, and it would be in my Land of Miniature, a place where you can make your little world as perfect (or imperfect) as you want. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a dollhouse. I had a friend make one for my girls when they were in grade school. It is so true, parents usually buy things for their children that they themselves want. When my oldest got a home of her own she laid claim to the dollhouse that she shared with her sister. I was in my 50's when I finally got one for myself.

 In a previous post I wrote about my dollhouse and how it came about. My husband spent a good month putting it together for me. He made me a few miniature items that will one day help furnish this little place.
You can have things in that world that you can't afford in the real life and..............

you can dress up those things to make them interesting...........

you can have the house of your dreams, and paint it any color your heart desires..........

 you can have it as small or big as you want and have as many rooms as you like.......

you can collect all sorts of furniture and stuff to make it cozy and make this house a home........yes, the boxes are filled with wallpaper, furniture, curtains, fireplaces, and all sorts of accessories to make the perfect dust catcher, lol..............

Even the clowns know I have to put a plexi glass door on the back. To keep out little fingers and those pesky dust bunnies.

and to continue..... I could have a wooden wine barrel or it could be a rain barrel, complete with a wooden plug...........

 and what home would be complete without a handmade quilt for on the beds.......oh did I mention I love to quilt too.......some days it is just good to have rambling thoughts and dreams......more to come.....I promise ♥


  1. My grandmother had the most fabulous dollshouse when I was a young girl and I used to LOVE going to visit her because I LOVED playing with her dollshouse. It was really big too..custom-made ..over a 1 metre wide and nearly the same in height. I wonder what happened to it??

  2. My sister Claudia loves her little house and is having so much fun re-doing it. I think creating a perfect world where you can lose yourself for a few hours sounds great. I love your house, the color is terrific, so much like a big house I would love to have. Hope your husband is doing well.
    Hugs to you,

  3. That might be worth checking into. It could be stuck somewhere in a relatives attic, garage or out building. Wouldn't it be fun to find? Who knows, could be if it is still around it might become yours. You have daughters who would no doubt love it. Check into it and solve this bit of a mystery. Good luck.

  4. What is it about the miniature? I gravitate toward it myself, real life things made small...fascinating. I don't have a doll house..but have eyed the lovelies which can go in the house many times. There is something very simple about the small...lovely post


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