Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hexes & Chores

The hexes are coming along slowly, 
like the turtle in the race.

I work on them when time permits, 
and that is usually at the end of my day
when I am tired.

Today has been an especially busy Sunday.
My brother-in-law stopped by and brought chicken dinners
(there goes my will power).
I threw clothes in the washer and 
decided to rip the sheets off of the bed.
I have been doing all sorts of little chores, 
emptied the waste baskets and took the trash out to the garbage.
Emptied the compost bucket into the bin in the back yard,
and cleaned up doggie do.
While I was making the bed back up each of the dogs came to the bedroom door, peeking around the corner.
They know how to tell time, 
they know it is past their supper hour.
I left photos download while fussing with the sheets.
Always multi-tasking, that's me.
There is a Nascar race on in the living room. Earlier it was golf in Sinapore (women) and later it was golf in Arizona (men).
Evidently someone woke up from their nap and 
has been channel surfing while in the recliner. 
If I sit down in there I will fall asleep.


  1. Your hexi's are looking so pretty. My dogs seem to know when it's dinner-time too - makes me wonder, if they're smart enough to tell time, why they do stupid stuff. :)

  2. Sounds like my day. I always download pics while I do my morning chores.

  3. The hexi's are beautiful. Chores, chores, chores, they never go away. We have to multitask if we are to get anything finished.

  4. I know how you feel, some days I run, and run, and run getting things done that need to be completed usually doing two or three things at once. I am often baffled at what needs to be done and I am the only one who seems to notice. i know if I sit down it will be all over because I will be too exhausted to get back up and get busy. Your hexi's are beautiful and remember slow is just fine, eventually they will get done and there is no hurry. You have so much on your plate right now, just try to be good to yourself.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Look at all those colors - so pretty! :-)

  6. I want you to know how much strength you give me in your sweet comments.

  7. Well, hello stranger! Thanks for stopping by! I love all your colorful hexagons! I haven't done anything serious with hexes yet. I've done granny squares, but no published projects with hexes. I started Lollo the Bear (and she is hexes) but I was distracted by the holidays and now her start sits in a box awaiting my return! Your list of chores here was cracking me up as it sounds like my chore list too! And the significant other sitting in the recliner and channel surfing while you're spinning around doing all those things...yup, I have one of those too! Hugs, Annette


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