Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet Start to a Lovely Day

We got an early start this morning to Michigan.
It was cool and rainy.
Windshield wipers were on all the way.
Too warm for a winter's coat but cool enough for a jacket.
The trip home, a couple of hours later, 
was in fog. 
The rain had stopped.
By the time we got home it was sunny and a lot warmer.
I ventured out in the yard the other day and 
snapped a few pics of what was left of our last snow.
It was another day of sunshine, but cold.
I love how the sunshine showed up in this photo, 
filtered by the pines on the property line
between us and the next door neighbors.

I went out in the yard in search of green and this is what I found.
At the base of one of our trees was this bright clump of moss.
I could imagine tiny elves and sprites 
resting their heads on this,

or frolicking in this little patch of green moss.
I am so tired of winter and can't wait till spring.

Can you see them, those little green narci daffys?
I have 3 spots close to each other that need to be thinned.
Maybe this fall I will find some time to do that job.

My hyacinths are anxious to be up, 
oh how divine they will look and smell.
They are one of my favorite flowers.

But my very favorite flower is, yes, you guessed it,
my lovely tiny little Forget-Me-Not.
They come back up year after year. 
I do believe they reseed themselves.

Snow lingering in the shade of the deck steps.
Soon to be gone with the arrival of spring.
This has been a mild winter, I can't complain.
And so I leave you for now.
Hope the rest of your week is sunny and warm.


  1. What lovely pictures. We had severe storms here last night and temps in the 60's and 70's. Spring has made it to Arkansas and we are welcoming it with open arms and smiling faces. The kids are all ready for a break since they haven't had any snoow days. Wishing you even more sunshine and moss filled days!!

  2. Mother Nature has awaken. Your captures are so pretty with little plants are coming up. Spring is approaching. We're in Hong Kong still chilly.

  3. Lovely pics, Susanne. So nice to see bulbs breaking through the ground.

    Today is Australia's first day of Autumn. It was a foul day here - extremely high gusty winds, which whipped the town to pieces. There are twigs and leaves and rubbish everywhere. I call it dirty weather for a reason.

    The south eastern part of Australia (NSW & Vic) are bracing for flooding with extreme rainfalls in a lot of areas. We, on the other hand, have nothing and could do with a good soaking. We have not had the summer rains that we usually get. Good old global warming, doing it's best to stuff things up! When we do get rain, the cropping farmers will probably not welcome it, unless they have their crops off by then.

    You say you have had a mild winter - we too have had a mild summer. I can count on my two hands, the days we had the air conditioner on - really wierd.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Hasn't this winter been crazy nice. We were up close to 60 and it was perfect for walking. Hey, I don't think I'll be away too long. I just needed a break while I get my BP back in order with the doc. I also have some stuff going on with my Mom that needs to be focused on for now, since I'm the only one in town. She's doing very well, but we are at that age with all the parents entering their 80 and up and I'm the only female. My side and Scott's too. Any who I promise to post and comment when I can, just not let this manage my life as it was starting too. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs, Kate

  5. Susanne, I am so honored that you bought the shawl. My sister called me this morning to tell me it had sold, when she read the name I knew it was you. Of course now I am in a panic that you won't like it. I really hope you do. Hope your trip to Michigan was a success, I will be sending your husband positive, healing thoughts.


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