Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow, Feeding the Birds, Fons & Porter, Crochet, Hexes, Pets

I woke up to about 3 inches of snow.
I got dressed and hand shoveled 
the front stoop, steps, sidewalk, double drive, 
and the turn around.  

It took me about 2 hours,
yeah, my back is suffering.

Once the sun hit the asphalt it melted quickly.
No slick icy spots to worry about.

Then I filled the birdfeeder.
It took them all of 3 minutes to find the bird seed.
They were waiting.

Isn't he beautiful? 

And what about this little guy, 
all puffed up and trying to keep warm.
I took the bird pictures from inside the house.

It was time to get myself some hot coffee 
and to watch one of my favorite programs....

and wouldn't ya know it, just as I was settling right
into the chair and concentrating on what was on the tv, 
the phone rings. I missed about 5 minutes, drat!
Does anyone know what has happened to Liz Porter?
Maryann Fons's daughter has been on the show for months now. 

So that is how my Saturday started and now I am off.
My goofing around break is over. 
I have visited a few of my favorite blogs 
and added my 2-cents worth
whether they needed/wanted it or not.
 I need to do something 
constructive, like fold sheets,
scrub the stove top or kitchen sink.

Later I will plop my bottom in my easy chair 
and work on my hexes. 
I have 2 rows done now. 
I am back to making more motifs.

And when I walked past the kitchen door I spied this.
Some folks just have it made.
I think he has the right idea.
Lucky dog!!!



  1. Hi Susanne - your hexi's are looking so nice and colorful. Have a good day. :)

  2. I love the bird pics. Those are my two favorite birds. I call the juncos little fat men.

  3. Our snow is sticking around, very cold weekend. As soon as you start putting the birdfood out the chorus starts, it is as if they are shouting "she/he's here, grub's up lads and lasses!". We get so much pleasure watching them.
    Hexies looking lovely and colourful.
    Carol xx

  4. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me. I must get out and fill my feeder too. But, I was a little lazier today. Tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow, I shall do. Have a good evening sweet-pea.

  5. I think it was a perfect way to start your day. I am glad you are keeping busy but getting time to do the things you love. The hex's are looking wonderful. Sending you positive thoughts,

  6. Your snowy scenes just like paintings. Love the birds, the red one is typical pretty. Your crocheting are colorful. The dog is lazy and relaxing in sunshine. So enjoyable.

  7. Yes, the bird is lovely. And so are your photos. Beautiful.
    Not sure what the show is you were watching, but two things caught my eye.
    1. The lovely green jacket she was wearing.
    2. the table surrounding the sewing machine so that it sits in - cool.

    Good job on the crochet front too.



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