Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day, Crochet, Hexes, Awards, Collections

 Oh my, it is February.
I love Valentine's Day. I am a romantic at heart.

il bacio, the kiss. 
I love this print, 
I have it in my living room.
the expression on the little girls face on the right is priceless.
The photographer is anonymous, 
but it looks to be taken in the 20's or 30's. 

And then I love my patriotic heart doily
which I found a few years back on Ebay. 
The daughter of the woman who made it thanked me
because her mother made a little cash on the side with her crocheting hobby. I fell in love with the doily 
because I have my front room decorated 
in red, white and blue, and this little item
was so different from other doilies. 
I have thought maybe to tea dye it, but still debating.

I promised to show the progress of my hex blanket.
If there is a good side to sitting at the bedside of someone
who is ill, 
then it would be keeping oneself busy with
playing with some yarn 
and silently counting stitches.

Putting hexes together by the join-as-you-go method
has got to be the best discovery since sliced bread, lol.

Now I mentioned to Kate over at The Garden Bell 
(link on sideboard) that I made a stop at Walmart 
and some yarn fell in my buggy. 
I now have more than plenty to give my blanket 
more variety in color. You folks really need to go visit Kate.
Check out her yarn dying and go back in her archives and have look at the beautiful things she has hooked up with her 
hand dyed yarns. She is amazing!

 I need to mention that during all this running 
to and from Cleveland, 
during all the hub bub of running around like 
a chicken with my head cut off, 
being beside myself with tying up loose ends 
and from ripping the hair from my head....
I was nominated by 2 lovely followers and given 
I intend to address the necessary things one does when 
one is so graced, that is, when I have more time to do that.
I have wanted to do another post on Collections, 
and the last pic on this post shows you one of my very favorite
collections of miniature hard back books. 
More to come on that one.......
till then keep the faith, hang tight
and have a nice evening.


  1. I LOVE Those flowers. .WHat are they?
    I LOVE your hexi blanket!!! Great colors IT will be so lovely

  2. Your too sweet. Thanks for the linkie. I adore that heart with U.S.A. colors. That hex is coming along very nicely. Can you believe I have never done one before. I know I need to try, but I just learn the join as you go last year. I'm thinking stripe with the newly dyed yarn. But, we shall see. Today, my hand has yet to touch the hook, maybe tonight while the t.v. is on, but who knows. Well, time to go figure out dinner, S just called and is on his way.

    Hugs, Kate

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog. It is full of such wonderful and beautiful work! ! And I have chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Have a great day. :)

  4. Hi Susanne,

    Im generally in favour of the 'antiqued' look, but I think I like that heart as is.

    'Fell' into your basket Susanne? Of course, I believe you, you know I do, dont you?

    Coincidentally, some yarn 'fell' into my basket yesterday too, lol.

    Teacups and Tiskets


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