Friday, February 24, 2012

Newest Member of the Family

Two months have passed since my youngest daughter 
Meghan received her "bestest" gift 
at Christmas from 
her older sister (that is how she described 
it when she opened the Breville juicer).
Now before I get on to my own purchase of one, 
I need to explain 
about this daughter and her healthy eating outlook.
Meghan is my child who was always sick 
when she was younger. 
She went through several bouts 
of bronchitis, 
and she spent two stays
in the hospital in respiratory distress. 
One time I thought she was going to die.
She was later diagnosed with 
asthma and allergies.
When she was little I could control the activities 
she participated in. It was a completely different ball game when she got into college.
She didn't let an illness stop her even though 
as a mother I worried myself sick over some of the 
things she did as an adult.
 One thing she did was to enroll in Jujitsu classes.

That is her on the right when she was a winner
at the Arnold Schwarzenegger  
Martial Arts Tournaments in Columbus Ohio.

Then of course there was the time she jumped 
into November's ice cold
Lake Erie waters with a friend and that friend's mom. 
There is a newspaper article complete with photo, 
I just don't have it handy.
It made the front page of the Port Clinton newspaper.

Then there was several years ago 
when she decided to go sky diving.

All is well with mom when her child has their feet firmly planted on the ground, but........

what fun is it to keep your feet on the ground when 
you can do this....
She is my marathon runner and has a slew of metals 
 to show for it. She has been all over the United States.
She will be running the New York City Marathon this fall. She already ran a short marathon in New York City......

and her dad and I didn't even know she went alone,
(she will be the death of me yet).

This pic was not of that race, but another one here in Ohio
with a couple of friends from her work.

Okay, I have gotten a bit off track here....
and you are all probably wondering what is the point of all this...
the Christmas gift was a Breville juicer. The point is,
my sickly daughter through good food choices and physical activity
has not had an asthma attack in years, 
nor spent any time in a hospital (knock on wood).
And I am seeing more and more about the benefits of juicing.
Just recently I visited Simply Joolz at her blog here and she posted 
about her new Breville Juicer and had an interesting trailer by Aussie Joe Cross entitled "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead". 
I think this is well worth your time to check out this video. 
Just scroll down to her Feb. 13th, 2012 post.

So now I have heard from 3 different sources 
just how wonderful this all is. 
I am determined to make some major changes in my eating habits.
I found myself on Amazon with my card points over $83 dollars 
worth and I decided to put them towards my juicer.

Two days ago it arrived, wow, that was fast!
I took it out of the shipping box.
I opened the top flaps and peeked inside.
I grabbed the instruction booklet.
Oh boy, another something new to learn all about.
I skimmed over the instructions.

The next day (yesterday) we had an all day trip to Michigan.
The juicer was still in the box.
We came home after 6pm and I eye-balled the box
still sitting in the living room.
I was just too darn tired to even attempt concentrating 
on the instructions.

I will, honest I will, wash the newness off of it and
juice up that fruit in the bowl.
It is time to stop running with a soda can in my hand
and grab onto healthy. I know all about
weight gain and weight loss.

I know all about good foods and unhealthy foods.
I know all about food choices and moderation.
I know all about lifetime commitments and back sliding.
I know how it feels to take in a breath before you bend over to 
tie your shoes. 
I know all about being tired of being tired.
I know all about diabetes,
it reared it's ugly head about 5-6 years ago.
And to add insult to injury hypertension hopped on board.
I know all about size 8 clothes all the way up to size2x.
 I know, I know,
 that is like your hips living in two different time zones, lol.
 I hate exercise, but I know it is necessary.
When I think of running I associate the jaunt to the fridge to stick my head in and check out what isn't nailed down.
I recall when I quit smoking, I gained 10 pounds every year for 6 years.....a whopping 60 pounds!!!!
I know that a person should not live to eat, 
but eat to live.
Weight Watchers......back in my early 30's,
I lost 90 pounds in a year on that program.
It took me a year to loose it
and another year to gain it back, 
and then some.
Honestly, I love that program, 
but not so sure about the points and if I would like them although my oldest daughter lost 40 pounds using the points plan.
I did it back in the day when you had to eat liver
once a week or take a vitamin tablet
 to compensate for hatred of liver. 
I could handle that, I love liver.
I rest my case.
So I will weigh myself in the morning. 
This gal has plenty of pounds to shed,
and needs to get back into the mind set of healthier eating.
I have a grandson coming soon,
 I need to be able to keep up with him.
What better way than to get juiced.
I will keep you posted on my progress.




  1. Thank you , Susanne for linking back to my post. I cam honestly say that you will have no regrets when you start 'juicing'. I am not strict with it, we just have a fruit/veg juice every week day morning (apple/orange/carrot/celery & beetroot then i eat a good, low fat food for the rest of the day. Everything in moderation.
    The juice tastes so much better than bottled gunk that you buy at the store which is full of 'concentrate' - also, how old is this stuff??

    Refrigerate your fruit each night so it is nice and cold each morning, juice and enjoy!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Susanne, I am so proud of you, and a grand baby is the perfect inspiration. I think your daughter is amazing and she lives her life to the fullest. I am trying to get into better shape myself. I am thin but that doesn't mean I am in shape. I work on the floor with kids 4 hours a day, my knees are aching and I am slower to get up. I have to work on this so I have started yoga and I just laugh every time I do it because I am so out of shape. My Mother can't move, or even shift her weight in bed, she never exercised. I don't want to be that way for my kids so I have to start now and keep it up so I can take care of myself for as long as possible. I am here cheering you on,

  3. Good luck to you Susanne - I'm sending you all my best wishes. :)

  4. What a great posting full of inspiration and fun stories. I'm going to have to look into a juicer. Sky diving, really..... good girl....

  5. Oh the nerves within me that this post touched. Thank you. Great words...each and every one of them. And...your daughter is adorable...embracing every moment of her wonderful her I say "You go, Girl!" And to you...I say the same thing! Hugs, Annette

  6. Hey Sue...No I did not fall off the face of the earth. I've been busy revamping the DR and sewing at the same time. Not fun! I'll be in touch soon
    xoxoxo, Jeanie


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