Monday, February 13, 2012

RH Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

I need to post a photo! 
There, that one will do, ha!

Somewhere between here and there
I had a light bulb moment.
It was during my many travels in blog land
that I discovered just what it is that bugs me
about my yarn.
It just isn't up to par!!!!
Now I have used RH for ages, that stuff and I 
have history, we have been buddies forever.
BUT (yes, that is a BIG BUT you are seeing), 
I do recall lovely yarns when my friend Jean had her yarn shop.
Jean hated RH. 
It was as simple as that. 
She use to call it "cheap", 
but then she was in the business to sell quality yarn.
I could understand that some people just didn't have 
the extra bucks it took to purchase her yarn.
RH was more reasonably priced.
When she closed up shop, I became a backslider.
When you live in the sticks (country, boon docks, etc.)
you buy what is close at hand.
And then I read some of those lovely blogs from England and
Australia and I know many of these women live in similar places to where I live, out in no where.
A lot of them do live in villages where there is a YARN SHOP!!
Okay, I secretly have a love/hate relationship with these blogs, rubbing the pics of their lovely yarn right in my face, LOL! 
BUT (there it is again, that BIG BUT), 
I got smart, 
I have sat right here like a dummy for too long 
and finally wised up.
 I have the biggest store right at my fingertips, 
and I also have a couple of catalogs.
It did not help me (or maybe it did) 
to find Lucy as the very first blog I ran across
way back before I even realized what a blog was.
Just about everything she made looked like a rainbow.
Oh I know, she has a yarn shop close by,
she has blogged about it, lol.
She also has an excellent eye for color combinations. 
Now don't get me wrong, 
I still like my RH yarn, 
BUT (there it is again), I need to break loose and buy some 
soft, yummy, vibrant, delicious colors.
I intend to break the mold.
I have promised myself to use up the old stuff 
and treat myself to the stuff 
the rest of the gang is 
playing with. 
I wanna play too!



  1. Susanne, you are funny, lol!

    You do realise that you have now made me want to go to a nice yarn shop too,....


  2. There is nothing like a great yarn shop that makes my head spin. But there is also nothing like opening a box of yarn that you have ordered and have been anticipating. My Motto is ,"Life is too short for cheap yarn." And based on my check book I stand by it.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby. :)

  4. Well it isn't expensive yarn but I do like Styelcraft Special. I see Dermore's has an offer on the Lucy pack at the moment. Attic24 was my first blog visit and I'm so glad I found this 'other' place called blogland and all the wonderful craft and friendship it contains.
    Happy Valentine's day.
    Carol xx

  5. So Funny...I am looking at that bag by your chair and behind it!! Have a happy V day..

  6. Hi if you blend cheepy yarns with a variegated sock wool it will give you a more interesting and expensive looking yarn with lots more texture and depth
    Have fun x

  7. OOH Sue (above) just gave me a great idea. That is a great way to add some spice to the RH yarns I have around taking up space. I also use it up with a fluffy type when making my neckwarmers.


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