Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gift From Terrie

Have any of you ever been to Terrie ~.~ Smilings blog? If not, you are missing out on something special my friends. I am so blessed to have this wonderful blogger friend in Hong Kong. Several weeks ago she sent me an email telling me she felt we have become good blogger friends and she wanted to send me a little something. I was so surprised and excited too. Terrie has a wonderful blog and has a talented gift for taking her ideas from nature and creating beautiful things, mainly wearable clothing, accessories and some novelty items. She has tutorials and has been on many overseas trips to learn more about her craft and also to teach it. Soon she will be coming to Canada. You can find her here. Please check out her blog, I know she would love for you to visit her. See for your self her postings on so many of her delicate things.

The mailman brought the package to the door because I had to sign for it.

It had several colorful stamps with birds. I always keep unusual and different stamps.

When he handed me the package he mentioned to me that it came to them damaged. OH NO! :(

Terrie had sent a handmade card with a hand-written letter. The letter head has 4 pictures of what she had sent showing me her gift and suggestions of how it could be worn.

Then I unwrapped this beautiful scarf, so delicate and her one-of-a-kind creations. She makes scarves all the time, each one unique. She is a one woman operation, there are no carbon copies of anything she makes. The leaves for this scarf came from right outside of her apartment. What other people pass by and ignore, Terrie sees endless possibilities. I admire that in her, I admire her kindness and her sweet nature. She is the only one I have ever seen take rusty metal and use it in her boiling pot and then gets something so simply amazing from it.

I took several pictures of the scarf. Her letter spoke of a felted broach to use with the scarf, but some where it became lost between her home and mine, hence the opening on back of the package. The broach is in the pictures at the top of the letter. I found that upsetting, not so much for myself, but that Terrie had taken the trouble to make and send it only it didn't make the trip.

I hate that some of her hard work became lost in transit from Hong Kong to Ohio.

 I wish my pictures were better. I believe she used silk for this piece.

It is light as a feather, and way too pretty to wear for everyday.

I think Terrie should open a little boutique and sell her original work. Or she should open an Etsy shop. Next time I have a special occasion I will wear it. For right now my Ella has the joy to be so lucky to be seen in something so special to me. Thank you Terrie. I love the gift you sent to me. I will cherish it always. It is special, just like you are my friend. God Bless you  ♥


  1. What a wonderful, beautiful and thoughtful friend and gift. I love how she took special care to send you photos of how to wear your wearable art. I will definitely check out her blog.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a wonderfully special and gorgeous gift! That's amazing! Don't you just hate that things get messed up and/or lost and/or stolen in the mail?? (Remember the sauce? LOL. We kinda knew that would happen, didn't we? At least I got one that we could eat! It was delicious!) Anyways, your scarf is a treasure. She must be a talented lady. I looked at a few of her posts. Will go back later and look more. I'm curious how she does that.

  3. What a wonderful blog friend you have there! I love the scarf - I once knew a woman who did marbled silk scarves and I have one. You deserve the gift as you're a very good blog friend who never lets your friends down. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What a beautiful treasure!!! Lucky you! Such a shame that the package was damaged, and something was lost.
    : ) Kris

  5. Susanne, that is the most incredible gift, it is simply stunning. She is soooooo talented. I think this is so perfect for you, a little something gorgeous to lift your spirits.
    I am off to visit her now.

  6. Thanks Susanne for the mention. You're so sweet. Pity that the wool felt brooch was lost in mail. Hope you still find the scarf easy to go with. I treasure our friendship and your visit to my blog and comments are always make me cloud nine. Thanks also for your bloggers visits, just read their sweet words. BIG thanks and hug.


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