Monday, October 7, 2013

Chilly Monday, New Wood Rack, Shawl, Giveaway Ending

 I had to make some changes today. That goose needed some clothes and so I dug out one of her outfits. But, now that I am looking at her I have remembered that there is a dress that goes under that witch's cape. It must still be under other clothes in her box of stuff.  I also found the stuffed pumpkin with the raffia hair that a friend made many moons ago. Oh why, oh why did I buy a green hook for over the door when I clearly needed a white one to match the door. Come to think of it I think they even have clear hooks now. Then I turned the apple crate on its side and now the decorations on either side of the door look more balanced. I am a lot more I gotta find that dress.

As I was walking across the street I heard this tap tap tapping sound.....the kind a little woodpecker makes. It was coming from behind the back stop of the basketball hoop. This is not the first time I have caught that critter doing his mischief. Now I know the thing is old, hubby put it up new years ago for himself and the kids, but now it has woodpecker holes drilled through it. I go to snap a pic of him and he flies over to the woods and flits among the tree leaves making it impossible for me capture him on camera. My brother wanted to take that post down. I had told him no, thinking someday our little Holden may want to play basketball. At this rate there won't be anything left.

Here is the back side toward the road. He has been busy.

Then today I got ambitious and put together that new wood rack that has been in the garage for a couple of months now.

Then I got busy and started moving the old wood pile. I will rake up the debris that is under it and kill the weeds around it, then level out the ground nicely and put down the 6 pavers for under the legs to keep them off of the ground. There is a big post under the pile now and I might just figure that into the plan too. It will depend on how things are turning out. I suppose I will have dead spots in the grass by the time I get it all organized.

See those horizontal boards that are at the ends of wood pile, they are suppose to be holding the wood back....right, when I tried to wiggle them back and forth to remove them, they snapped right off at the ground. Now I have to dig them out with the spade. They were pretty much shot after several years.

I did get the entire piled moved before I called it a day. It was 5pm and I was beat even though I only spent about 3 hours out there.

These old hands are hurting and arthritis is taking over. I got to save something for my crocheting. At night they ache. I refuse to go to an rheumatologist. The same thing happened to my hubby maybe 4 years or so and I think the meds they gave him for his aching hands is what eventually ran his immune system in the ground causing the cancer to take over. The doctor denied it, but do you listen to the ads on tv for the drugs they are pushing to help with RH? Listen to the list of side effects and tell me that cancer is not one of them....they say so. There is always a price to pay, get rid of one problem , get another in its place. I will suffer the pain for now.

And now the fun stuff.......I have 3 different brands of sock yarn, and itching to make that Elise Shawl pattern that my friend Mereknits has been making. She has blogged that she has made 4 so far, and believe me, she is so right, it is a fun pattern.

I started mine 2 evenings ago, and could have finished it, but that I had to leave it to do other things......all the time thinking about crocheting on that shawl!

....... more thinking about that shawl......and just itching to grab my hook and get on with it........

and then I got about this far, and low and behold I see where I have made a little mistake 2 rows back and the same mistake 4 rows I say to myself, "oh no, should I rip it out?".........

Here is your answer................hope your week isn't unraveling.
 Thank you Mereknits for sharing this wonder pattern source. Love you all ♥

P.S.  The GIVEAWAY ends soon, so if you want a chance to win the pretty book I'm offering up leave your comment on that post. (It would have been last Monday's post I believe).


  1. Hi Susanne. My certainly SHOULD be tired! What a lot of work you did out there!
    I have arthritis too. My hands and feet ache something awful after I have spent a day doing hard chores. I am with you though, no meds, unless absolutely necessary! I do take Tylenol Arthritis and it helps a lot.
    REST tomorrow, and begin your pretty shawl!!
    xo Kris

  2. I like your porch decor now.. and I also want to make one of those shawls! I need to find the right yarn. You need to get back to your crochet.. to heck with log stacking.. LOL!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Quite a big work for your hands. Wish you get well soon. Just noted the festive decoration of your house. So beautiful !

  4. Oh my friend you have been working so hard. I am sure you are going to be so thrilled when all of that wood is piled up nicely and ready to be used. I LOVE your shawl, you are doing a terrific job, it is such a fun pattern, I am glad you decided to make it. Pretty soon you will be making number 2 and 3.
    Hugs to you,

  5. You are keeping busy!

    I've found that eating more greens like romaine lettuce and not eating dairy helps with the arthritis pain level. Have you experimented with different dietary changes? I do agree that medicines cause other problems and so I too am very reluctant to add any medicine that is not absolutely necessary.

  6. I love your halloween and fall decorations. You certainly keep busy , that's a lot of wood you stacked and your shawl is looking beautiful!


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