Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yes, Susanne Can Knit

This has been one of those weekends when I did close to absolutely nothing. If anyone asked me what I got accomplished I would have to say, "Not much." Saturday was sunny but cold and windy. There is plenty to do outside but I didn't feel like being out there in the cold. I did go over to Fremont and visited with a friend. Before I went there I made a few errand stops and then picked up a couple of Subway subs, my lunch treat for her and me. We ate, chatted and then played a couple hands of cards. She was going later that afternoon to her grandson's birthday party. When I left I did a bit of shopping. I am filling a couple of shoebox gifts for children's Christmas charity and needed to get a few more things to complete my boxes. After that I headed home. I spent the rest of my evening doing a marathon watching of the program Law & Order which I had DVR'd. I love the characters in that show, I hate when they switch around Benson and Stabler. I worked on a new project, nothing much to show you yet, but it is crochet, a baby blanket and done in a pink bobble stitch. I have all the bobble squares made (18) but debating how I can change this pattern up to make it different. I am only doing this because my Fremont friend wants me to make her another one like I did for her a couple of years ago. I get easily bored doing the same pattern over and over, so, hopefully, she will like what I do, that is, if I ever can decide what that will be. She also surprised me with wanting a matching sweater and bonnet....well, well, this blanket doesn't have a matching sweater set, so once again I am left to my own devices.

In the meantime, I won't make you wait for a new post. I am still working on my closets on and off, cleaning and organizing, yes, I'm still doing that, on and off. In my quest to get things organized I ran across this sweater I knitted years ago......

I recall purchasing the yarn from my friend Jean's Yarn Shop and tucking it away in a box. It was on sale and I had no plans for it.

Then one day I ran across a pattern that I thought was pretty and charged ahead with knitting needles in hand. I had finally found a pattern for my red yarn. Now the yarn is like a cotton blend, I believe it was a Patton yarn. Now mind you, I have always professed to be a better crocheter than knitter, but I did learn to knit before I learned to crochet. People can tell I guess because I hold my crochet hook like a knitting needle.

I was leery of doing anything with a lacy pattern. I kept my knitting dictionaries close at hand so I could figure out the stitches. I pretty much sucked at knitting.

Only a novice knitter would know the absolute joy I felt when the lacy pattern took shape and it really looked like something. Hey, I could do this after all! Happy, happy, joy, joy,! I can knit a sweater, and it actually looks like a sweater too, how about that! Yes, I was being a bit smug back then.

And to boot, I am a continental knitter. Once I got my needles clicking and the sweater growing I realized it was going to have to be sewn together......ugh!

But, persistence and determination got me through it. I was hell-bent to do this thing. I wanted to be able to tell people I made this myself. The sad thing is I have never worn it, and you ask why, well I'm too fat to wear it, so until the day comes when I can get into it, my dress form Ella will have to enjoy wearing it. Now isn't that just down right pitiful.

I didn't stop there. I made my hubby a sweater vest too. I believe he wore it once. He claimed he was burning up in it, it was just too darn hot. Well, imagine that, a sweater that will actually keep ya warm. Now who would have thought, lol.

And that is the tale of my 2 attempts at knitting a wearable piece of adult clothing. Since then I have knitted dish cloths and doll sweaters, a few baby toys and that is about the extent of it. I would rather crochet. My main reason for that is because it is a control thing, there is 1 hook and 1 stitch compared to knitting where there is 2, 3 or 4 needles and a whole ton of stitches to pray you don't drop.

And so I leave you with a picture of my German maternal Grandfather Bruno and Grandmother Ella. The baby in the photo is my mother Rose Marie. The picture is actually a postcard. They did photos like that back in the early 30's. My grandfather died in a concentration camp in Russia. He was not Jewish but a German businessman, they owned a restaurant and at another time a grocery store. My grandmother died back in the 80's when I was in nursing school. She passed away in Idaho. I named my dress form Ella, after her because when my grandmother was a young married woman she had all her dresses made by a seamstress. She was a knitter and did embroidery. I do have a photo of her embroidering a table cloth when she was quite elderly. This picture would look better had I taken it out of the frame, there is a glare. They were good, hard-working people, well liked. I never knew my grandfather. My mother was a young teenager when the Russians came and took her father. I was fortunate to know my grandmother, but not as well as I would have wanted to. I only saw her about 4 times in my adult lifetime ♥


  1. Look at you and your fantastic knitting! that red sweater is so beautiful and a nice lace pattern too. Love the picture of your family, so sad he dies in a concentration camp, how horrible. Ella is a perfect name for the dress form. Caroline my dress form is named after my sister Claudia Caroline and my Grandmother Caroline.

  2. I'm so impressed! You can knit and do it rather well from the looks of those sweaters! Looks like you did a great job on them. Way to go! Glad you had a nice and quiet week. We all need those sometimes...and I need them more than most. ha-ha

  3. I'm glad you had a nice easy weekend.. we are home from the beach all safe and sound. I love the two sweaters.. would one of your sons like his dad's vest? You're lucky to have that photo.. a sad story about your grandfather. My parents moved us from OK to OR when I was 4 and one of my greatest regrets is that I only saw my grandparents a handful of times after.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hi Susanne..So much to say here. First, your two knitted sweaters are fantastic! I am sure wanting to learn more about knitting. I am only confident in washcloths, and slippers.
    Your photo of your grandparents, and the story about them was fascinating. How appropriate to call your dress form Ella. I had an Auntie Ella too. And one of my chickens is named after her!!!
    I wanted to thank you for your nice comments on my blog. Your words are so touching. I know you have to struggle with missing your dear husband every single day. I cannot even begin to imagine what that is like.

  5. I'm impressed by your wonderful knitting, it's in your genes. I love the colour of the red sweater, it's such a bright shade of red.

  6. You're really fantastic in knitting and crocheting. I admire your wonderful works. The photo is precious, lots of great and sad memories. Ella is a beautiful name to remember a close family member.

  7. Hi Susanne! I really loved this post, even though I was so saddened to read about what happened to your grandfather. Such a terrible time in our history that was...I love your knitting! That red lacy sweater is just beautiful! I wish I could knit like that. I'm so spastic with a needle in each hand. I'm much better at crochet. I hope you have a fun weekend sweetie pie! xo


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