Friday, October 4, 2013


 On Wednesday morning the woodpile looked like this.

By that afternoon it became this. Rachael's friend Jeremy came with his wood splitter and split all the bigger pieces. I told him to just leave it lay where he cut it and I would re-stack it. Two hours later I had it all neatly piled and then I had raked up all the loose bark from the ground. I took the bucket of loose bark to the burn pile in the middle of the garden spot.

 I also have this older pile of wood inside the privacy fenced area. It does look in need of straightening up, and I do have a new wood rack to remedy that eye sore. Oh, I will get to that chore hopefully in the next couple of weeks. So much to do......

 Everyone is showing their pretty autumn displays of their front porch. I have a front stoop. You do not know how many times in the past my hubby and I had wished when we built the house we would have done a porch instead. After all I married a man who was from Kentucky and people from Ky love to use their porches. My porch is in the back of the house. My goose is naked, I should be ashamed to display her like that. She does have a box of holiday outfits. Nothing worse than a bare butt goose! Oh and look at nosy, he just can't stand me doing anything without him being a part of it. I get dressed in the morning and it is a wonder that his head is not sticking out of the waist band of my slacks. Yes, as soon as I sit down on the bed to put on my pants he is right there checking everything out. Dogs!

 Don't look at the look at you looking at the shrubs after I told you not to, lol. Yeah, I have to get to trimming them. It maybe when the snow is flying around my butt before I get to those. How do you like my wooden pumpkins? No one smashes them, I have no rotting pumpkins to be rid of and they can come out year after year, saving me some money. Of course there is no pumpkin pies from them either or funny face jack-o-lanterns, but they work for me. A friend's dad makes them using a chain saw. Love the rusty color of the mum.

Mom, why aren't you taking a better picture of me????? "Hey Trixie, mom has the camera out and taking pictures of stuff!" Can you see Trixie? She is just a little faded image to the right of old nosy, lol. Loved the color of these mums too. Have been trying to decide where I will plant them by the end of the month. Right now it is raining and I moved the mums out to the front edge of the porch to get some rain. They sit under the eaves.  I need some pretty pots to put them in.

I bought this bird feeder a couple weeks ago at the Rural King Store. The birds have kinda been checking it out, but still seem to need to get use to it hanging around. I suppose when they get hungry enough they will be keeping it empty. It holds a lot of seed and the opening is located at the bottom of the inside of the circle. You can tell at a glance if it is about empty.

This is by far my most favorite newest feeder and the birds are crazy for it. Sunflower seeds go in it and they can empty it in 2-3 days. Here lately there is a couple of neighborhood cats hanging around and my birds have kinda steered clear of  feeding from any of the feeders. Usually it will have 3 birds on it at one time with several waiting close by. The cardinals love it and so do a few other variety of birds. I bought this one at Lowes.

This feeder is my favorite. My hubby made it years ago and last time he worked on it he gave it a tin roof. The chipmunks and squirrels love it too. They always make a mess under it when they are digging around in the seed.

And last but not least, I will finish off this post of the scardy cat dogs. Why are they in one crate like that, well the vacuum cleaner of course, they are afraid of it. It sucks up hair balls and that is what they are, hair balls, ha! "Trixie, you recon it is safe to come out now?" "I don't know she looks to be in a cleaning mood."
Have a great weekend ♥


  1. My goodness your back must be so tired from all that bending and stacking. It looks really great and you are all set for a cold winter. Love your front porch, we don't have one here in Florida, all of our living space is out the back. But growing up in Michigan we had a nice porch, I miss it.
    hope you have a wonderful weekend,

    1. When we first started building the house we lived in the basement for almost 8 years. We had a wood/coal burner, lovely warm heat. Then we took it out when we built the house on top and took the stove and hooked it up in the garage. Eventually it was sold. When he built his wood shop he bought a smaller wood stove and heated out there with that. The only plans for all the wood is to either share with family for their campfires or I can sell pieces to the campground folks (a mile away) for their fires (if I decide to go with that idea). I plan to sell the stove in the wood shop, maybe.

  2. You're so energetic! Actually, your porch is just the right size for a few decorations - does anyone use it? I finally put a sign on the gate to our front porch.. "Welcome, Please Use the Back Door"! Deliverymen have left boxes there and they've sat for weeks before we noticed them. Everyone comes into the house from the back, across our deck. Love your furballs! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I am a back door person too, and recall a little saying that said, "Back door neighbors are the best!" I am sure that now that you have those energetic grandsons to keep you company, you won't have to worry about anything sitting around on a porch for long. Children are good at keeping tabs on what is new or missing outside. Your little watch dogs will keep everyone in line :)

  3. Good morning my friend. The wood pile is looking all nice and tidy, and ready for a cold winter!! Love the "stoop" as we had one in our first house. I loved to sit on the stoop steps and sip my coffee and watch the birds. And speaking of birds, I love the new feeder!!! I need to get out and get mine filled up!!
    I think Miss Lucy Goosey needs a bit of an Autumn pinafore, or something like that?
    There is always a list, a mile long that needs tending to, eh?
    Have a great weekend my friend. Wish we could get together for a little chat and crochet!
    xo Kris

    1. Yes, Miss Lucy Goosey does need something. She has a witches outfit complete with hat. Everything is faded from several years of sun. I imagine she would appreciate a new outfit or a completely new wardrobe for that matter. I wish I lived closer too. It would seem that all the blogger friends I have live in the furthest out reaches of the country. But, I am grateful for the blogs. Everyone is just a key pad away, pretty much 24/7. I use to belong to a knit club.....oh that was so much fun and something that I looked forward to every week.

  4. Hey, Missy! Look at all your wood stacked all nice and neat. Are you the industrious one...and maybe a little OCD thrown in too. heh-heh-heh. I guess everybody is not as lazy as I am, but I do have my OCD moments with certain things. I think we all do. Your porch looks great! The flowers and decorations are beautiful. Love your goose. There's a lady in my mom's neighborhood that has one she changes the outfits on with the seasons and holidays. So cute! The first thing we did when we moved into this house was put in a big porch out back. The people that lived here before us lived here for 11 years with a teeny-tiny stoop, maybe big enough for two people to stand on. Love your bird feeders too. I like having ours out in back to watch the birds. They just love it. Your dogs crack me up!

  5. Hi Susanne! Boy, that's some impressive woodpile! You're all set for some nice cozy fall fires! Your front stoop looks adorable. It's so welcoming and has just the right amount of decoration...including that little guy peeking out like that! I love your goose even if she's not wearing one of her outfits! xo

  6. A bare butt goose! Love that phrase. Your shrubs look fine to me, I'm hopeless at eeping things in check. Love the bird feeders, we get sooooo much pleasure from feeding the birds.
    Our cat, Rosie, hates the vacuum too, always flees even before it is switched on.
    Carol xx


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