Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elise Shawls

I finally have something to show all of you. I can happily say I finished 3 of these Elise Shawls. The free download pattern can be found here. I will give my friend Mereknits credit though, she was so taken with this pattern that she has made 4. You can find her on my sidebar. Go check her out. 

For this particular one I used Red Heart, Heart & Sole with Aloe sock yarn, color 3940 Green Envy. The pattern calls for approximately 400 yards of sock weight yarn. The skeins have 213 yards each, I had 3 skeins and decided I would use all 3 so I wouldn't have any left overs. The pattern calls for a size I (5.5mm) crochet hook and that is the size I used.

 Then I got the crazy idea to turn the flash off and use the artificial lighting in the room, big mistake. But I was in a hurry to post this and so I didn't go back and correct that. This second shawl was made from Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight Premier Yarn in the color Spring Fling. There are 230 yards in each skein and I had 3 of them. Once again I used all 3 and used the I hook.

It is pretty colorful. The yarn was easy to work with but I get annoyed when I am crocheting along and find a knot where the factory has tied 2 lose ends together. My friend that owned the yard shop told me that the companies are not suppose to do that. I always snip out the knot and crochet double strand for several stitches and then use a tapestry needle to weave in the ends. I do not knot anything, ever. I don't use knots in my embroidery either.

I put the flash back on for the last reveal. This one was make from Paton's Kroy Sock Jacquards color Lavender Jacquard 55309. There were 166 yards and I had 3 skeins. I used all 3 and size I hook.

These were fun to make, relatively fast and easy once you get the pattern figured out. It is a basic 2 row repeat. I did steam block them all, just using my iron held about an inch above the finished shawl. It does get a bit monotonous holding that iron above the yarn, but you can't chance ruining your work with a hot iron.

And last but not least, I want to thank my new model who came to live at my house this past week. I named her Ella, after my maternal grandmother. I ordered her from Amazon and about 2 days later she was delivered. That was fast!!! I had to put her together, that was an easy job, no hassle what so ever.

Hope you enjoyed my post. I also hope you get the chance to make yourself one or more of these shawls. I will probably give one to each of my 3 sil's for Christmas. You can have one made in a couple of days so it is a fast and easy gift.


  1. I absolutely love that shawl, both of them but the first one is eye-catching to me. I am determined to make one, but am thinking about what yarn I want for it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. All 3 shawls are beautiful Susanne. Hello to Ella. :)

  3. Susanne, your shawl's are all so pretty! I bet you had fun crocheting them all. I love making shawls, especially with a pretty yarn. Don't you love your dress form/manikin thing-a-ma-bob? I just love having mine. Did she scare your dogs to death at first? Ha-ha. My dogs have all been startled by mine a few times. It always make me laugh.

  4. All these shawls are so beautiful!! Your SIL are going to be so happy when they open their presents on Christmas Day.

  5. Whoo- Hooo! They are spectacular! I love each one, it is amazing how a different colored yarn creates a totally different look. You did a great job and I ma thrilled you loved the pattern as much as I did. I also love Ella, having a dress form is so much fun. I have enjoyed Caroline the Dress Form so much, she makes displaying things a lot easier.

    Well done my friend, now how about making one for you!

  6. Each is delicate and looks soft. Ideal and dainty gift. Have a model to show is always good to show the style.

  7. They are so gorgeous, good job!! I'm looking for the perfect yarn for this project. I wanted something with Christmassy colors, but haven't found anything yet. Suggestions? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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