Saturday, June 23, 2012

Selling: The Midlife Crisis

The Oxford Illustrated American Dictionary describes
"mid-life crisis" as an emotional crisis of self-confidence
that can occur in early middle age.
And so it did at our home back when 
my husband was in his late 50's.
As I recall, the conversation kinda went like this:

Him:: You know I have always wanted one of those.
Me:: Oh yeah, since when? I do not ever remember
you mentioning anything like that in all the years we
have been married.
Him:: Well that is because you never hear what I say.
Me:: Excuse me, I sure do, and believe me I would have 
definitely remembered you wanting 
a monster like this.

He named her Pearl.
She weighs around 800 pounds, the engine, well, 
let's just say that when it is running you are 
reduced to yelling at the top of your lungs to be heard.
When he use to ride it to work I could hear him coming from
about 1/2 a mile away. The dogs knew it was him. 
They waited at the door.
He loves that bike. They have been to Washington DC 
three times for Memorial Day Rolling Thunder,
to North Carolina to the Dragon's Tail Trail,
to the Dakotas to see Mt. Rushmore, 
to Mackinaw Michigan across "the bridge",
and numerous other places.
I have never ridden on the bike.
I do not weigh as much as Pearl does, 
but I am no light weight woman.
People say heavy folks ride on them all the time, 
I say, "Yeah and have you ever noticed just how badly
they look? I don't want to have the Jaws of Life 
called to remove me from the passenger seat."

I always worry when he is away, riding on the bike.
Now that he is sick it has become an issue of a 
weak man being able to handle something so big.
He has decided to sell it and I am glad.
I am also sad because I know how much he enjoyed this
toy. I told him yesterday that if he wanted 
to hang on to it 
another year that it was okay. 
Maybe he will get stronger and feel better. 
I think I saw a glint of happiness in his eyes.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. 
I decided to clean out the garage and I started by selling 
a chest freezer that we bought 3 and 1/2 years ago.
There was a large screen color tv complete 
with stand that was in 
perfect condition that I gave away, a kerosene 
heater that was another "freebe" giveaway.
I took 9 boxes of no longer needed treasures to 
the Goodwill and 2 large boxes of paperbacks 
to the local library. Several things went into the trash, 
and right now I am in the process or straightening up
and organizing. Our little Holden came to visit for 3 days
and grandma wasn't prepared for his bath time because 
she didn't have a wash pan big enough.

But we managed to get him nice and clean and the 
next evening we had a better game plan for his bath.

Then I had planned to start that t-shirt quilt for my 
youngest daughter, and I'm sure you are all quite 
tired of hearing me procrastinate, but there are 
2 expectant mothers who I decided to make baby 
blankets for and so I started a small ripple.

I did finish the blanket and now working on 
the second one only this next one has a 
different color scheme. I love the ripple pattern.
It was the very first pattern I learned 
when I started to crochet

Then one late evening I happened to catch sight of 
this outside my kitchen window. I ran to get my 
camera and this is what I got.

And that is about all I have to write 
about for the moment.
Hope all is well with you.


  1. Beautiful bike - my best wishes for your husband to get better and be able to ride again.

    Little Holden sure is getting big - and he's such a cutie. :)

  2. So glad to hear about how things are going. Sorry about the bike, it is hard when you know something means so much to your husband but it is difficult for him to manage. Holden is the cutest and I think he looks adorable at bath time. I bet you were thrilled to have him near. Glad you have your crochet to help get you through these busy days, cleaning and organizing help too.
    Sending you a special hug,

  3. Your grandson looks so awesome in the pan..Made me grin. What a gorgeous view from your window..I would stand there everynight and just wait to see the sunset or at least plan my kitchen clean up around that. I am saying a pray for your hubby as I type this so that he may have a miraculous healing and be able to enjoy riding his pearl. Blessings,

  4. Hi Susanne! Oh what an adorable little boy your grandson is!...What you wrote about your hubby's bike made me laugh, but please know I'll keep him in my thoughts and pray he feels better very soon...Your baby blanket is just beautiful. I love the ripple pattern too. xo Paulette

  5. Susanne, glad to hear your update though a bit sorrow to see the bike off. There are lots of things for your husband's attention as Holden is gorgeous. That's life and changes, just be positive and engaged, all will be good. My prayers to you all. Holden is big and cute on the pan. Wanna to hug and kiss him. Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments. Love ~.~


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