Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Hex Pics

I love my hex blanket, but I won't bore you all
to tears with constant posts about it.
It just didn't seem quite right that after working on it 
for 3 months that I was reduced to getting pics of it 
inside the house.
It is a beautiful day outside and the sun is shining.
My usual over-the-deck-rail site 
was not going to do. 
I have robins out back and they are nesting in the trees
and pooping where ever they land.
I moved to the outer yard and spread
my blanket in the grass.

 The wind kept whipping up the ends and 
after running around and fixing it I did manage to 
get some colorful shots. 
These just show me why I  
 need to start saving for a wide angle lens.

Hope your weekend is going well for you.
Take care.


  1. Susanne, the hexi blanket is gorgeous!!!!!! I can not believe how beautiful it is. Of course it is beautiful because it is being lovingly made by such a beautiful person. I know you are going through so much right now. I can not even begin to imagine the fear and worry you have everyday. Yet you find the time to write such wonderful comments on my blog. I want you to know how much I appreciate them, every single word. You are lovely inside and out. And that blanket is too.

    Super big hugs are being sent to you,

  2. You were right to take a photo in good light, think my description of it now would be 'bejewelled'. It just zings with colour.
    Carol xx

  3. Oh yes! Bejeweled! Carol hit it that nail on the head! It's even MORE STUNNING in the sunlight! So glad you took more photos and shared them! Take some more and share them again...we'll all love 'em!

  4. It is a gorgeous riot of color. I love all the bright and cheery pieces. What a labor of love and family heirloom. We use an afghan my mom made in the 8os and I cherish it.

  5. This is the most beautiful blanket I've ever seen. So bright and cheerful looking at it. No matter a cover on the bed or on the grasses it's inviting. Love the colorful look. Hope you're as colorful and bright as the flowers. All will be good, Susanne. Keep up.

  6. Your blanket is just beautiful! So colorful and cheerful! Great job!~Patti


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