Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hex Afghan/Blanket TA-DA Moment

It is after 1am on Saturday morning.
Yes, I am still up. I should be in bed.
Last evening I finished my 3 month project,
the notorious Hex Blanket.
I could not wait for sunrise.
It has been rainy, cold and damp
so no outside photos.

 So (sigh) I laid this project out on the spare bed 
and grabbed the camera.
The room is small and I have a hard time 
getting a good photo, but I think you can 
still see it well enough to check it out.

 163 hexes, a multitude of color changes, actually 817
counting the 2 rows of border, 1634 ends to weave in,
join as I go, and add 2 rows of mindless single crochet 
for the border and now it is finished.
I am relieved because I would not allow myself to 
pack it up so I could dread the thought 
of completing it eventually.
Believe me, it was getting to me,  
you wouldn't believe how many times 
I told myself not to 
 stop until it was finished.

 I have to laugh because my intention was to 
put a huge dent in my yarn stash,
but my mother gave me all of her yarn, 
and then my youngest daughter brought me 
this huge monstrosity of a single crochet 
blanket that she had going and never finished.
It was from the days when I taught her to crochet.
She was a fast learner, 
but refused to move on from single crochet.
So I find myself ripping out all of her hard work
 and having so much more yarn that the plastic tote,
where I kept the yarn I was using, was over-flowing.

 When I packed away the yarn that was left 
 I could barely get the lid on the tote.
In total I have 3 large plastic totes of yarn. 
This one has mainly RH yarn, 
then another is stuffed with Vanna Yarn, 
and a third has some kits and odd skeins.
I have a plastic tote bag filled with DK Stylecraft.
I have 9 skeins of sock yarn because I have 
convinced myself I CAN and WILL knit 
a few pairs of socks, lol.
Now I can move on to doing Meghan's t-shirt quilt.
But, there is one thing I will finish first
and that is another knitted sweater like the one I 
knitted recently for our grandson Holden.
Yes, yes, my dears, one night I picked up a skein 
of a variegated yarn and thought to myself,
Oh this would sure make a pretty sweater.
So naturally I had to do a test swatch.

One stitch led to another and the next thing I knew 
my hex blanket was screaming at me,
So I reluctantly laid down the knitting and 
picked up my crochet hook.
The rest is now history, but I do want to 
thank my Meghan for this lovely yarn. 
Ya da, ya da, one man's trash 
is another man's treasure, and all that jazz.
Love you gal.


  1. Congrats on completing such a big project! The hex is fun and love all of the great colors-enjoy:@)

  2. That blanket is gorgeous. I stand in awe of your dedication to such a large project! Good for you. I'm not that good...don't think I could have done it. 163? Mercy!!!! But such a beauty for all your hard labor! Well done.

  3. I love it Susanne - it's very pretty with all the different colors mingling about. Good job sticking with it and getting it finished. Will be waiting to see your new baby sweater. :)

  4. WOWza... this turned out fabulous. Love all the colors. Can you believe I have not done a hex yet. It's always scared me a little. Now that I've finally learned the join as you go, I must think about it. Thanks for popping by always nice to have visitors. Well, I'm off... it's 8am the sun is shining and the first load of sheets are ready to head out for a Saturday morning in the sun.

  5. Well done for persevering now you have an absolutely beautiful blanket that was worth all the time you put into it.
    The sweater looks interesting, I like variegated yarn, it was fun making socks with it.
    Carol xx

  6. your hex project is just wonderful! i love how you used so many different colors in it.


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