Monday, July 2, 2012

Yes, I'm Still Around

For those of you who are wondering about me, 
I am alive and well.
Today is my 42nd anniversary.
Nothing spectacular in the way of celebration
is going on here. We are just staying in and enjoying 
the peace, quiet and blessed ac. The lull in blogging 
(if you remember) was mainly because I just 
needed a bit of a break, there was so much to do 
and never enough time to do it all.
Needless to say, the cleaning and organizing of the 
garage is on hold due to the heat wave this week
and last. I do not do well working in what feels
like an oven, so the garage can wait
(after all, it isn't going to run away now is it).
Then 2 weeks ago I started babysitting for 
our grandson Holden.
I drive over to my daughter's house several days 
a week and am there for 6-7 hours.
That baby is a joy.
Want to get close to an actual real angel here on earth
then I say grab onto a baby. 
I have also been trying to crochet up my stash 
of baby yarn. I have made 3 small blankets, just random 
ripple patterns where I made up a color scheme, 
something simple and not mind boggling.
I find time to work on them when baby is napping 
and in the evening when I finally sit myself down
to watch a bit of tv.
I will share photos on my next post.
I still have plenty of baby yarn and I think my next 
blanket pattern will be one from Debi who can be found here.
The pattern is Square in a Square and a link can be 
found on her sidebar in her PATTERNS section.
Thank you Debi for this pretty square and for 
sharing it with us.
We were very lucky, we got the fringes of 
the storm the other evening, 
it wasn't as bad as some neighboring towns who are 
without power and who had some major wind 
and tree damage.
So what is new with all of you?
Hope you are managing to stay cool.
~ ♥ ~


  1. It is raining! Finally raining. And I am listening to the sound of thunder overhead. Rumbling, a most wonderful and awaited sound. Heaven to hear rain on the roof. Watch it out the window. Droplets hanging to the screen.

  2. Glad to see you here again and some more updates. I can imagine how joyful when you see Holden. Weather here is hot with blue skies. Last Friday we had typhoon fortunately no major damage. Sending you sunshine and breeze.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby Susanne. I love little babies - every time I see one, I automatically get a smile on my face. They're so adorable. Have a good day. :)

    p.s. I'm glad you like my square pattern - thanks for the link-up.

  4. Susanne,
    Happy anniversary and it's good to hear from you! We are having a lot of the heat here in Arkansas also. At least we have been below 100 this week. Right now it's 97. No fireworks for us this year.

    Babies are a glimps of heaven here on earth. Try to stay cool and have a great 4th.

  5. Hi Susanne, Happy anniversary to you and hubby. 42 years is a long time! Hope you don't melt away in your heat, we have rain, rain and more rain. Good old British weather, haha. Lots of love xxx


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