Monday, June 4, 2012

Garage Sale "Stuff"

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Here we are, it is almost midnight as I write this. 
It was a busy Monday. 
It actually started out as a busy Sunday and carried over into Monday, and if I tell you what I did 
you would think I am certifiable.
On Sunday I decided to have a garage sale on Monday.
There have been at least 8 full cardboard boxes labeled 
sitting along the wall on my side of the garage. 
I try to keep that area neat, but it has always bugged my husband because to him it is "junk" that has no place 
in "his" garage, 
you know,
the garage that he allows me to park my Jeep in. 
Never mind that the workbench is a fright 
(pretty much his mess there).
He hones in on those boxes filled with all sorts of things 
that I just don't need anymore.
About 3 years ago I hauled them all over to our oldest daughter's house when she had her garage sale, 
and I sold some things, 
but with 4 of us all chipping in all of our "stuff", there was competition for the buck. So I packed it all up and home with me it all came and of course he made the comment, "Didn't you sell any of it?" 
Well of course I did, but not all of it!
So, like I said, I decided to have this sale and so out in the garage I go on Sunday afternoon and I set up my 2 tables and start to unpack boxes only to discover I have more "stuff" that table space.
It didn't help that he came out there later when our youngest daughter showed up to chat about her remodeling of her bathroom, the beautiful vanity she bought and the slipper tub with feet that she is ordering. While all this chatter is going on I am becoming more tired and fretful over this table situation and so I grab an empty box and start packing the "stuff" back up again. 
Finally one of them noticed what I was doing and I told them I had decided not to have a sale, I was going to pack it all up and take it to the Goodwill, where it should have gone years ago. I had 2 boxes alone of paperback books that I had read. My daughter suggested I donate them to the local library. 
As I filled boxes, they went into the Jeep. 
I finished it all Monday morning and called the library. 
Yes, they do accept paperbacks as long as they are in good condition.
So I dropped those off first, and then to Goodwill to donate all the "stuff". I came home with a cleaned out car and feeling liberated. 
Now that I have the job started I will spend the rest of the week cleaning the garage. I have been eye-balling some things that will go into the trash and a few things to recycle.
All in all it was a good day because the library will have a book sale and the $ they make will buy things they need for the library.
The things that went to the Goodwill is helping to keep people in a job and maybe someone will find a treasure in the "stuff" I donated. 
It kinda made me feel like I did some good. 
If I would have had the sale I would have 
"stuffed" deposited the $ in my grandson's bank. 
Either way I would have done some good for someone and that is all that counts.
So what did you do these past couple of days, 
and did you do something good for someone?


  1. I am glad you feel good about getting all your "stuff" out of there and out for a good cause. I am an avid Goodwill giver. I constantly have a bag going in my closet and when it is full I drop it off hoping it helps someone.

  2. Every once in a while I go through stuff for Goodwill too. The last time was a donation of yarn that the old folks home didn't want. My husband teased me that the next time I went to Goodwill I would find all this yarn, get excited, and buy it all back. He's so funny. I hope you have a relaxing day today. :)

  3. Last week I too took several bags of 'stuff' to the charity shop and one load to the recycling centre. I've got rid of quite a lot this year but still a way to go!
    I've been trying (successfully) to find a home for the last of (five) cats belonging to a lady who is in a hospice and who needs to know her cats have 'forever' happy homes before she can rest.
    Carol xx

  4. Something we do not need any more but still useful for others. Good to have home for your surplus. I will also take my stuff to a charity body the close by is Salvation Army


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