Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Last Day of June and Meghan's Birthday

Have you ever noticed that some adults just never grow up? And, so it is with my oldest daughter Rachael here with her son Holden. Looks like Holden has a new wagon, complete with some creature comforts as well. Her caption on Face Book was that "nothing is too good for my baby!" Hey, isn't it suppose to be my job to spoil him, lol.

And while my oldest was jamming herself into a kiddie wagon, my youngest daughter was stuck in a real jam, a traffic jam on the Ohio Turnpike. She was coming home from a Saturday wedding located on the far side of Indiana. According to her a semi truck ran off the road but the trailer part of it was blocking one of the lanes. No one injured, thank God, just an hour wait in this heat. If you notice she got the traffic in front of her as well as the traffic that was behind her in the side mirror.

My day here at home was pretty uneventful. I manage to do as little as possible. I figure I work myself silly 6 days a week and when Sunday rolls around I keep God's Sabbath, just as His Commandments tell us to.
I did do one thing though, I set up my new Keurig coffee maker that I bought about a month ago. I absolutely love it! I bought Rachael one the same day and she has been using hers and loves it too. When I babysit I treat myself to a cup or two, and here is a hint, I use the same little coffee cup 2 times. I get double use instead of throwing it away after making the first cup. Just open the top and close it, press BREW and there ya go.

A week ago Saturday we celebrated my youngest daughter Meghan's 34th birthday at Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse in Port Clinton. Unlike everyone else, it was my first time eating there. Meghan throws herself a party by inviting family and friends. Two years ago she had it at Mona Moi in Port Clinton and had about 25 people show up. This year the crowd was kinda lean since so many people had multiple commitments. But 3 of her very best friends came and it made it more intimate. Even her sister couldn't come, the biggest disappointment to her.

In the picture above is the crowd, starting on the left with her school chum and very best friend, Mary, then Meghan, second from right is Adaire and her husband Steve.

They seated us around a big habatchi grill. We put Meghan in the center. The waitress took our orders for beverages and Mary and Steve ordered sushi for appetizers. I have never had sushi either and Steve gracefully offered me one of his but I told him to just cut my off a bit since I didn't want to chance wasting it if I didn't like it. I like salmon, and this one had salmon, but I am not a fan of raw fish either although it was tolerable, I don't think I will be going out of my way for it anytime soon, lol.

I shy away from having my picture taken, and that is me of course with Meghan. At Mary's insistence I agreed to it. I asked her if she knew how to operate my camera and silly me, it is what she does for a living, she works for a photography studio. Where is my mind at times, I look at myself and I look tired, more gray and old.

A couple of grills over was a bridal shower and the gals all looked like they were having a ball.

Our chef, and what a messy blur of a picture I got of him! I forget his name, it was on his shirt too, darn! He was so nice and could throw an egg in the air and on it's way down to the grill he would crack it open with the sharp side of his cleaver. He did that about 5-6 time. The fried and chopped fine eggs went into the rice. He also had a good sense of humor, and had us laughing pretty much all the time he was preparing our food.

Veggies, yummy!!!!

Fried Rice, also way too yummy for words!!!!!!! I could have made my meal just the rice alone!

He told me to get out my camera and had them dim the lights so I could get a pic of the flaming onions, oh, so good!

The onions went in with the veggies. This meal was smelling so good, the whole restaurant was smelling wonderful. I am thinking "what took me so long to come here?" and wishing Roger was still alive to be here and enjoy this place and their fine food. He loved good food and eating out.

Huge fresh scallops, and by this time there was shrimp added to the grill, then chicken and steak. I should have taken a photo of the plates when they were filled with the food, but by that time we we so busy eating and believe me I was famished, all I had all day was a piece of toast that morning and my stomach was chewing on my backbone and yelling, "will ya please feed me!"

This is the last picture I took. The chef was pitching small bites of chicken and patrons were catching them with open mouths. This pic is of Meghan just before she got her flying piece of chicken. I did get one of her catching it but it was rather unflattering and I'm sure she would kill me if I posted it, so I leave you to your own imagination. One thing I do wish I had gotten a photo of and that was the front of the restaurant. I never gave it a thought before going into the place, and when we came out it was brewing up a nice dark batch of storm clouds and the big raindrops had started. I just made it to my car when it started to pour down the rain. I definitely give this place 5 stars and hope to eat there again. Nagoya is located up outside of Port Clinton on the peninsula of Catauba on Lake Erie and there is so many beautiful spots to take pictures. It is one of many tourist sites and the people depend a lot on the summer tourist trade for their living. Of course there are boats/yachts and a lot of very wealthy people who live up there. Meghan knows her way around there because she use to tend bar at the Catauba Island Club and lived in Port Clinton. She is a security guard/alarms operator at Davis Besse the nuclear power plant (run by First Energy) located down the road in Oak Harbor. She carries an M-16 rifle and is a sharp shooter. Yes, she is my dare devil and is the one I wrote about a couple of posts ago....trying out for Survivor. She is one reason my hair is gray and I'm looking old. Her "bucket list" has included sky diving, driving to New York alone to see the sites, doing a November Polar Bear jump in the lake with 2 friends. She has run many marathons and done a lot of traveling. No moss grows on her........Happy Birthday Meghan, and many more. Love you! Mom ♥


  1. Happy Birthday to your pretty girl! They are both very pretty!!! Loved the picture of your oldest in the wagon with her son We love Hibachi Houses! And sushi too!! I think you are very pretty! I always like to know what my blogging pals look like!!!
    I think of you so often.

  2. Happy Birthday to the daredevil. She looks like she is very fun, a great Mother, daughter, sister and friend. I think you look wonderful, beautiful caring eyes, sweet loving face. I love to see you because now I can picture you when you write such loving, wonderful comments.
    I have grey hair, and lots of wrinkles, I look tired too., but that is life isn't it? I have earned each grey hair and each wrinkle, they all tell a story.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Happy belated Birthday to your daughter Meghan. It looks like ya'll had a great time. We go to a restaurant like that to celebrate my grandson William's birthday each year - it's always so much fun.

    That's a nice picture of you and your daughter - I think you look pretty, and she looks like a lot of fun (and pretty too). :)

  4. I think all the images of your family and friends are sweet!
    I for one, would love to see the EGG in the air trick myself!!

    You look great....Happy Birthday Meghan.

  5. Hi, me again. I had to come say hi and talk about your comment to me today. No, I have not ever made jalapeno jelly, but I sure would like to. I will look up some recipes! What a fabulous idea. I love it, and have received it as gifts, but never made it. I am not one who likes things hot, but the jelly has a good flavor, I think.
    I am hearing lots of people say that their gardens are not doing well this year. I think the weather has been very erratic.
    Have a great upcoming holiday weekend. Take care.
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, the recipe is in the Ball Blue Book of Canning & Freezing. If you would like me to send it to you I could email it.

  6. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your brave daughter! And I also am glad you shared your photo - you're gorgeous! I know I'm no looker, but I post my photo occasionally.. I am what I am. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. What a lovely post! Your daughters are just as beautiful as you are and that little grandson is adorable! xo

  8. How lovely to see you!!! I say the same of myself every time I see a photo of myself...more tired and old (I color the grey). I shy from the camera also but know I'm robbing my family of precious memories someday when I'm no longer physically present! I'm trying to be better about allowing the camera to capture me. I love all the photos! Hibachi grills are always grand entertainment and your girls are beautiful! Hugs to you, dear Susanne.

  9. Susanne, Belated birthday wishes to Meghan! She's such a brave and mighty girl! Being mum I know how your thought of - proud and worry. We've an old Chinese saying "Parents worry about their children 99 years though they're 100 years old now". I'm sure Meghan is a brave, independant and capable girl and you - I just see your charming face, you're sweet.


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