Friday, June 21, 2013

Spring Flowers, Memorial Day, Holden, Trapping & Strawberries

Aren't these beautiful, the color is fantastic.....more about them later.......

I have never been one to envy anyone. I have never found it hard to be happy for what others have and I have always tried to be content with what I was blessed with. I have never been a "high maintenance" woman. But when our weather remained cold for so long and we had frost way into May I was beginning to feel different about the envy thing. All these lovely blogger friends had flowers galore, and they were getting veggies from their home gardens already. Here now, we are 3 weeks or so into June and being hit with hot weather. Gardens are just now getting started. Corn in the fields is not knee high yet, but should be by the 4th of July. As it seems to be these past several years, we don't gradually merge into the hot temperatures from the warm. We don't get but a day or two of warm weather and BOOM! we are in sweltering heat. I have never been a fan of hot weather. I can be content with temps into the 70's. During that time I did take some pics around here. Our cooler Spring was good for the early flowers and the trees that bloom.

 Love my creeping phlox......

This started out as a small single plant. Look how much it has spread over the years. Love it!

I was so thrilled to spy out this huge patch of wild violets over by the row of Norway Spruce Pines on our property line between me and the neighbors.

While everyone else was enjoying tons of blooms on their lilac bushes, mine was a bit of a let down. I have to trim that thing way back soon.

But the apple trees were loaded with pretty delicate blossoms. Too bad they never seem to bear any fruit, even though my husband always kept them trimmed and sprayed in early Spring. The apples are always about the size of crab apples. We have 3 apple trees.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but right smack dab in the middle of the ivy on the house was a robin's nest. My husband always kept the ivy trimmed back to prevent it from getting up into the soffet and in the attic. For several years he trimmed it back into a heart shape. I posted on it somewhere in the past. But I went to trim it back, got disgusted and began ripping it off of the brick. "I don't have time for fussing over this!" I said to myself and was close to tears, not because I was feeling sorry for myself, but because I had planted that vine years ago and my husband had warned me about what a pain in the butt it would eventually be and I didn't listen to him. All these years he fussed with it because I just had to have that vine. He should have kicked my butt for even planting it. Now the brick is a mess cause the vines send out suckers that cling to the brick. I tried a couple years ago to pressure wash the brick where he trimmed it back and the pressure of the water will remove the black from the colored brick. Now it will be years before it wears off. Or, I guess I can try and use tweezers and my fingers to work it off.......but last post I told you about the bumble bees.....that became a whole new ballgame!

Then around Memorial Day the American Legion Post 83 at Sandusky Ohio dedicated a memorial to the area Legion Riders who were members of surrounding posts. My husband's name was added to the list of veterans who served and belonged to the group of riders.

That's my youngest Rayanna Meghan getting a photo.

There were several thousand bikers who were veterans and members there for the dedication.

 On either side of the motorcycle center slab was 2 pillars with the names of all the men who had died. My Roger, I miss my guy.

We plan to go back again for better pictures. It was so crowded and with people moving back and forth it was hard trying to get a clear shot without someone obstructing the view.

Grandma, get my out of here, nap time is over!

And then of course one high point in May was our little Holden walking without benefit of holding onto something. He was standing by the ottoman and the next thing we knew he bravely took off across the room. He has a mop of unruly curls! I love my grandson. He is a high point in all my days :)

And then there has been the fun of setting the live trap to catch one of the varmints that has been digging up the place. This ground hog was just a baby compared to the grandpa one I saw the other day. I called my brother Michael and he came and turned it lose down by the river. He wanted to set it free over at the reservoir, but I told him no, the res was just too close to here and I just knew it would find its way back. The poor thing had it's nose rubbed sore from trying to get out of the cage, and Michael said as soon as he opened the door it was gone in a flash. The trap is set again, but so far no grand daddy ground hog has been caught. As you can see, they seem to like carrots. I just hope I don't catch a skunk. That would be the last straw! And now for the berries........

And don't they look yummy!!!!! After I got done babysitting for my grandson on Tuesday, I stopped at a local strawberry farm and picked up 6 quarts of home grown berries. Every year I put some berries in the freezer for winter and this year was no exception. Strawberries are my very favorite fruit and I don't need sugar, short cake and whipped topping to enjoy them. I think I ate a quart while I was cleaning them up. Hard to believe they were $4 a quart and $1.65 per pound if you picked your own. Trouble is I have sciatic nerve pain from all those years of nursing and it is next to impossible for me to get down on all fours and pick berries. I use to though. I would take my girls and they would peter out on me in about 15 minutes, well, at least once they ate more berries than they picked they would want to go sit in the shade, lol. I would pick 24 quarts back in those days. Then for 2 years I had my own berry patch here at home. I loved it, and got 10 gallons one year. They were the sweetest, best berries.

Well, I am kinda caught up here. It is already past midnight and when daylight arrives I will have an all day job of yard mowing. It is suppose to be a hot day and by Sunday even warmer. I have not had time to do any kind of yarny things, but will keep you posted when I do. Dear blessed friends, I hope you all have a wonderful safe and sound weekend and get to do what you love. God watch over you all, until next time, as always, love you ♥


  1. Hi Susanne,
    Now I am feeling guilty for posting my early garden photos! I am sure that must be hard, when photos are so spring and summer like!!!
    Those strawberries are beautiful!!!!
    Miss you!
    XO Kris

  2. Susanne,isn't that the way, it is cold then blazing hot, what happened to Spring. It is hot as Hades here, 92 to 94 degrees everyday and the humidity is horrendous. I love all your flower pictures and that Holden is growing up so fast, boy is he adorable and walking all on his own, hooray for him. Now you will be running after him all over the place. Love memorial, so glad your husbands name has a place of honor. Your strawberries look delicious, they have been pretty yummy here too.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, I have loved seeing that you are trying hard to be back in blogland.
    Sending you a big, big hug.

  3. Hi Susanne. Mmmm - the strawberries look delicious. I'm not into them too much, but my Vince would have that bowl empty in about 5 minutes. Beautiful memorial for all the riding veterans. Little Holden is just about the cutest little man. Oh goodness - now comes the hard part of chasing him around. I remember the days when my 1st grandson William learned to walk - I was so tired at the end of the day.

    Take it easy with the yard work Susanne - you need to get some crocheting time in. :)

  4. Wow, what a nice long newsy post! Now I want creeping phlox! I'm with you on the English Ivy.. it's so invasive! We have it around our place and it's all over in our woods, climbing up our trees.. it's a real invasive problem in th forests here, killing trees and all. That is nice that your husband was honored. I know you miss him.. ((hugs)). We have strawberries not far at a little stand and have picked up several "hallocks" of them. Enjoy your summer.. your house is gorgeous! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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