Friday, June 21, 2013

Trying Out For Survivor

I don't think people normally dress in anything but normal clothes to interview for the Survivor television program, but my youngest daughter Rayanna Meghan thought if she did the unusual she would stand out and have a better chance of being selected. Last week the team from the television show Survivor was at Kelly's Island and she tried out. I believe she said you get 60 seconds to plead your case on why you think you should be chosen to be on the show. She and her friend Mary made the cave woman dress and Mary's daughter Chloe made the bone necklace. The Billy Bob teeth, heaven only knows where she got them. She made sure she had fake eyebrows on, so to have a uni-brow. She went speaking an English accent, and had a poem all memorized. One line, "Survivor is so easy even a cave woman could do it!" I guess there was a news channel there from Cleveland and they pulled her over and interviewed her. From what she told me everyone was looking at her and of course she had everyone laughing their heads off. No one ever did see what she really looks like, or sounds like for that matter. (Below is the most recent photo of my gal, sorry kinda fuzzy). They will either call, email or mail the people who have been selected.


I will let you all know if she gets chosen......where this gal is concerned, life is never boring, lol.


  1. w F! I hope she gets picked, she will have a great time.

  2. That is too funny! I bet she is a kick!! Good luck to her!!
    xo Kris

  3. I wish her the best of luck. You'll have to make sure to let us know if she gets picked. :)

  4. I hope it works out for her. And good for your daughter to be able to be who she is..

  5. Hahaha! Four stars from me for originality! I bet she gets a call-back at the very least. Good for her for trying! People like her sure do make life worth living. Give her a big hug and well wishes from me!


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