Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The ABC's of Me

I am at a bit of a loss as to what to post about today, so, I thought why not do a list of things about myself so you get to know me a bit goes.......

A = ART......I love art. I took 3 years of it in High School with the intention of becoming a commercial artist. (Above is one of the pen and ink watercolors I saved from school).

B = BLUE......My favorite color.

C = CHRISTMAS, CHOCOLATE, CROCHET & COUNTED CROSS STITCH.....My favorite holiday, my favorite flavor & two of my favorite hobbies.

D = DAUGHTERS, DOGS......I have 2 daughters, I have 2 dogs, love them all.

E = EGGS, EMBROIDERY......over light please or deviled, love to do embroidery.

F = FORGET-ME-NOT......My favorite flower.

G = GOD, GERMANY......GOD, can there be anything more awesome, I think not! Germany, the country where I was born.

H = HUGS......Something we all need from time to time. I married into a family that liked to hug and so I pass them on when I can.

I = ITALIAN FOOD.......My favorite food.

J = JANUARY......Month I was born in.

K = KNITTING......I love to knit.

L = LOVE......It is what life is all about, you won't find inner peace until you can love others. I try to make my life revolve around love daily.

M = MACRAME......Another craft I can do, has been years though :)

N = NURSING......My profession.

O = OTTER, ONIONS......My favorite wild animal & love onions.

P = PIZZA......My favorite Italian food.

Q = QUILTING......I love to quilt!

R = READING......I love to read, especially mystery books. I have tons of books, all subjects.

S = SEWING......I love to sew.

T = TEA, TOMATOES......One of my favorite beverages, and another food I love.

U = UNDER WIRE BRAS......I detest them, talk about torture!

V = VINTAGE......I like vintage things.

W = WINDOWS......I hate to clean windows, but I like looking out clean ones, go figure, lol.

X = gonna skip this one cause I haven't any idea what to put down, and I sure hate x-rays even though they are a necessary evil for diagnosing what ails ya.

Y = YORKSHIRE TERRIER......My favorite dog breed.

Z = ZUCCHINI......Love this healthy veggie, it can be fixed so many ways. We always raised a big batch in our garden.

Well, enough about me. How about you? Let us all hear your ABC's ♥



  1. Hi Susanne,

    I'm a January baby too, I had a yorky when I was a kid, love to crochet and to paint, hate cleaning windows, love Italian food, gosh we must be twins!


  2. What a fun way to learn more about you! We have a lot in common. For X.. you could do Xmas! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi Susanne,

    That's a great list, it really is the simple things that surround us that give us the most pleasure. Crochet, flowers, friends, clean windows, children, grandchildren, pets, thunderstorms and zucchini(yum).

  4. I did learn some things about you! Interesting! How long did you live in Germany? We share a lot of hobbies!!
    xo Kris

    1. I came to the USA when I was about 3 years old. I became a naturalized citizen right before I went to nursing school :)

  5. Loved learning more about you, see I feel closer already! Hugs to you Susanne.

  6. It was fun learning a bit more about you. :) I cracked up when I read you hate underwire do I. Hee hee hee! xo

  7. Susanne, I know more about you though we've no much common, I love your quilt, crochet..... And everything you share. I missed your posts for a while. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. I read through your recent posts, all are lovely, gorgeous Holden walking in confidence, garden blooming flowers......I will come again. Love, Terriea


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