Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Blanket - Lap Size

As promised I am posting a photo of
 my latest crochet project, 
the small granny square blanket.
This is another fun and fast way 
to use up those left over yarns that 
hang around in the stash. 
 It is a no brainer pattern, just a simple 
easy peasey granny block, 3 rounds, 
joined together as they are completed.
I have no specific plan except to do lights
next to dark colors and mainly just 
eye-balling color placement as I go.  
So far it has worked out well.
I still have more squares to add, but 
not as many as I originally planned.
This one will be a lap blanket size. 
Even though it is not completed yet, 
it is sold. A sweet little lady saw it and 
liked it so well that she wants to buy it.
Another gentleman saw me working on it 
and asked me if I was making it for him, lol.
I wish it would have been a sunny day when I
took these pictures, but it was 
overcast and cold,

the perfect kind of weather to wrap 
yourself up in something warm and pretty.
Hope all of you are enjoying this 
weekend, doing what you like 
and enjoying the company of 
the ones you love.


  1. Susanne, I love it. I love how the miss mash of colors work perfectly together. You sure are using a lot of your stash up with these beautiful blankets. Hugs to you sweet Susanne,

  2. It's looking real nice Susanne. You're placing the colors just right. I've been thinking about making one of these, but haven't made up my mind yet. I think a small one for a baby would be nice. I hope you're having a great day. :)

  3. Hi Susanne! Your blanket is so, so pretty. I love all the happy colors you used. Such a perfect size to cuddle with while reading a good book with a mug of something hot! It looks darling on your cozy porch, I think you'll have to make yourself another! xo Paulette

  4. Beautiful blanket Susanne, it seems that granny square blankets are 'in'. Might have to do one.

    Weather is starting to warm up over this end of the globe. Have a great day,


  5. Well...I can't crochet ..YET so I think it's pretty amazing, Susanne! I'm gonna teach myself one of these days when I've got the time....

  6. Your blanket is turning out so pretty, Susanne! How fun that you have it sold already. Have fun with it.

  7. Really pretty bright it!~Patti

  8. this may just be the happiest afghan I have ever seen!

    and what a brilliant way to use up scraps.

  9. A beautiful coliurful blanket. I'm using up bits and bobs and making a big Granny Square.
    Carol xx


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